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Supporting professionals with disabilities

Deloitte Japan is building an environment where professionals with disabilities can actively and fully demonstrate their abilities.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC has established Tohmatsu Challenged, a wholly-owned subsidiary, which aims to be a company where any professional with a disability can have a meaningful job. Following are some of our activities at Tohmatsu Challenged.

A wide variety of corporate work

Our professionals support our parent company with not only routine tasks such as mail distribution, pantry logistics, and accounting work but also sudden requests such as copy, bookbinding, filing work; data entry work, etc.

They also contribute to making our work environment green through the planting of succulent plants and other eco- and CSR activities.

Improving the work environment

As of December 2016, about 90 professionals with disabilities are working at Tohmatsu Challenged. From wheelchair users to blind and partially sighted people, from people with learning disabilities to people with a mental health condition, all can have a meaningful job at our company. 

Providing support staff

We are providing guidance at work so that our professionals can demonstrate their respective abilities to the fullest. We have internal job support staff with professional knowledge such as mental health care workers, social workers, clinical psychologists, etc. on hand. If necessary we cooperate with external support organizations to support the long-term commitment of our professionals with disabilities.

Providing support material

We create business manuals and work instructions that are tailored to and easy to understand for all our professionals with disabilities. We firmly believe that by learning on the job, our professionals can accumulate success experiences and will grow thanks to the responsibility they are given and the rewards they get for their effort. 

Building an inclusive work environment

By working directly with professionals with disabilities, professionals of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC are able to understand their world. Some professionals with disabilities also work as regular staff in the audit corporation’s departments, thus ensuring that the contact between all professionals in the workplace is natural and empowering. We also organize activities where all professionals can interact, such as lunchtime sign language course and inviting our professionals with disabilities to participate in various parties across our businesses.

Workplace tours by various stakeholders

Many professionals with various disabilities are actively working at Tohmatsu Challenged. This fact has received attention from various stakeholders, including universities and external support organizations, who want to visit our firm to find out more about our special subsidiary and what it means to work at such a firm.

Massage room 'Nagomi'

Deloitte Tohmatsu Financial Advisory LLC and Deloitte Tohmatsu Tax Co. hire visually impaired people with national qualifications such as Shiatsu Massage as health keepers. Health keepers are internal massage room staff, who provide in-house massages to other professionals. This contributes not only to the purpose of promoting the employment of people with disabilities, but also to enhance our professionals' well-being.

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