Deloitte member firms provide a comprehensive range of services across the entire value chain of the CCUS project. Services include support for consortium formation, R&D strategy formulation, regulatory consulting, accounting, tax assurance services, and the provision of assurance related to CO2 emissions. With the wide range of services we offer, we will provide comprehensive support for CCUS projects worldwide.

Six services that Deloitte provides

There are a wide range of issues that need to be addressed in order for the CCUS project to be implemented in society. And resolving these issues one by one will lead to the steady implementation of the CCUS project in society. In doing so, Deloitte provides comprehensive services based on six core services to solve difficult problems.
The CCUS project is a pioneering initiative in the world. In order to implement the CCUS project in society, it is essential for participating companies to have solutions to issues that are expected to arise in the future. In this environment, the Deloitte Group's unique strength is its comprehensive capabilities to provide a wide range of services to address the issues surrounding the CCUS projects.

Figure 1

1. Regulatory consulting

For government clients, we provide regulatory consulting to support formulate new regulations or rules for CCUS deployment. For industrial clients, we draw strategies to ensure compliance with the said regulations.

2. R&D and innovation support

With our extensive knowledge both on technology and on policy trends, we support building R&D strategy on CCUS while effectively using the strengths of the client.

3. Consortium formation support

We support the formation of a consortium that connects diverse stakeholders, including CO2 emitters with consumers.

4. Business model development and strategy consulting

We develop business models and business strategies for the commercialization of CCUS and analyze financial models for the new businesses.

5. Accounting, tax, and assurance services

In addition to accounting, tax, and assurance services, we can analyze quality and quantity of CO2 to be exchanged between CO2 emitters and consumers.

6. System development

We develop systems to support new business models, such as traceability management of CO2 and other resources to support social implementation of new CCUS ventures.


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