Regulatory developments in the global insurance sector

Vol.13 : July to August 2021

In the era of expanding globalisation, it is important for insurers need to be aware of regulatory developments not only in their home jurisdiction but also in other jurisdictions/regions.

The Centre for Risk Management Strategy of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC has been providing global leaders and insurance professionals/experts with major regulatory developments in the global insurance sector on a monthly basis. Any feedback and/or inquiries would be welcome.

【Latest regulatory developments】

Vol.13 : July to August 2021 (posted on 8 September 2021)

Volume 13 of the report contains 15 topics, which include the following.

  1. EC published a new strategy for sustainable finance.
  2. EIOPA stresses the importance of ORSA as a management tool.
  3. UK PRA launched a QIS for the Solvency II Review
  4. New Zealand Reserve Bank released a draft of the new solvency regulation
  5. NY DFS issued a report on management of financial risks from climate change by insurers.

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