Professional Services for Japanese companies in Myanmar

Deloitte Myanmar is the largest accounting firm in Myanmar providing audit, tax, and other professional services. A number of regulations have been relaxed in recent years, and Japanese companies have taken advantage and are expanding into the country. Since 2013, we have provided support to Japanese companies in a wide array of industries aiming to establish operations in Myanmar and have given assistance with building internal controls, accounting audit services, tax advisory services, and more. We have bilingual Japanese members on staff, and we provide various services imbued with an understanding of the unique characteristics of Japanese companies.

Services offered

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Yangon <View map>
Deloitte Myanmar Vigour & Associates Limited

Unite 411/412.415, Level4
Strand Square, 53 Strand Road
Padeban Township, Yangon
The Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Tel: +95 1 230 73 64

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