Southeast Asia Japanese Services Group (SEA-JSG)

Our service framework in Southeast Asia

With offices in 11 countries across Southeast Asia (SEA), Deloitte’s Japanese Services Group (JSG) provides solutions to the challenges of diverse cultures, languages, region-specific systems, social norms, and other problems that our clients face in the course of doing business.

Providing world-class services to Southeast Asia

Deloitte Southeast Asia has 25 offices across Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam and employs around 330 partners and 8,000 professionals. Based on our high level of expertise and extensive knowledge, we provide quality services to businesses in the Southeast Asian region that are rapidly growing and expanding beyond national borders.

Drawing on our in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics of Japanese companies, we at the Southeast Asia Japanese Services Group blend our world-class capabilities with local expertise that we have accumulated working in Southeast Asian countries to create a service structure that consistently provides useful and practical value to our clients based anywhere in the region. We hope to contribute to the further development of your business by seamlessly providing high synergy impact generated through a flexible blending of knowledge that goes beyond national boundaries.

Southeast Asia JSG Leader Tomoya Noda CPA