Asia Pacific Japanese Services Group (AP-JSG)

Our service framework in the Asia Pacific

Here is an overview of services provided by Deloitte’s Japanese Services Group (JSG) in the Asia Pacific.

Continue to be a trusted business partner

Japanese companies continue to expand their overseas businesses in both numbers and quality. Especially in the Asian Pacific region, there are many differences between countries and regions, and when developing business in AP it is important to consider not only the business environment but also language, culture, and religion.

Since its first deployment of Japanese expatriates to Sydney in 1976, followed by Singapore in 1978 and Hong Kong in 1979, Deloitte has been helping Japanese companies in the Asian Pacific region to solve their problems for more than 40 years. By forming teams of bilingual and local experts, we are able to provide solutions to complex and sophisticated issues involving multiple countries and regions.

Asia Pacific Leader Tomoyasu Maruyama

Tomoyasu joined Tohmatsu & Co. (now Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC) in 1990 and has primarily been involved in accounting and auditing services for global companies as well as M&A-related services. He also has considerable experience with IPOs and international taxation. In 1997, Tomoyasu went to work at the Deloitte Hong Kong office, then moved to the Deloitte Singapore office in 2003 and was appointed Service Leader for Japanese companies in Southeast Asia under the Deloitte Singapore office in 2012.

Since October 2018, he has served as Regional Leader of the AP Japanese Services Group (JSG) overseeing services provided to Japanese companies that operate in the Asia Pacific region.

Support structure

Here is an overview of Deloitte’s Japanese Services Group (JSG) in the Asia Pacific.

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