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Vorleak Ek, Financial Advisory Senior at Deloitte Cambodia, shares more about her 3-month stint with Deloitte Singapore as part of the firm’s mobility opportunities.

How did you feel when you first found out that you were going on secondment?
I was very excited and thankful to be selected for it, and believed it would be an excellent journey to experience working with different people and living in a harmonious and multiracial country like Singapore. 

What was your overall experience from working at Deloitte Singapore?
It broadened my perspective! The “get-it-done” work culture helped improve my approach in tackling problems that I encounter both at work and in life. Working with my Singapore team members who possessed knowledge and skills also sharpened my technical skills and taught me to critically assess key focal areas well within the specific industry. With these experiences, I look forward to coaching my colleagues in Financial Advisory, Deloitte Cambodia.

Share more about the places you visited and things you did in Singapore
Some of my fondest memories include attending the Civic District Outdoor Festival at the National Gallery Singapore and Night Festival at Singapore Management University, where I enjoyed their art projection trail and live bands. I also immersed myself in Singapore’s heritage, arts and culture at the Peranakan Museum. Besides those places, I have also visited Chinatown, Marina Bay Sands, Bugis Street, cafes at Holland Village, and had a great time going on food trips as well as shopping along Orchard Road. My favorite place of all was the Universal Studios Singapore!

Any key differences or similarities between Singapore and Cambodia?  
In terms of cultural etiquette, I think there were some notable differences and similarities between both countries. People in Singapore queue for almost everything such as food, drinks, waiting to get into elevators or crossing roads, restrooms, other services etc. In Singapore, people also usually stand on the left side when going on escalators or travellators, leaving the right side empty for those in a hurry to pass. One common trait found in the people from both countries is their efforts towards helping those in need. I recall once, I was standing in the rain and waiting to cross the street on my way back home from Chinatown Point supermarket when this lady, a stranger, approached me without hesitation to share her umbrella with me. While it was a small gesture, it really earned my respect and appreciation. Overall, I think Singapore is an enjoyable and hassle-free place to stay.

Have you forged any meaningful friendships during your time in Singapore?
While on secondment, I stayed in an apartment with two other ladies, both secondees from Deloitte Philippines. We grew to become close friends and I could not imagine how my stay in Singapore would have been like without their company. They were very helpful and kind, going with me to purchase necessities to set up my place after my first day of work. Both of them were also very approachable and friendly, always inviting me along in their exploration of the city-state, and just being there for me. Together, we shared a lot with each other and exchanges stories about Cambodia and the Philippines, and I hope that our paths will cross again! 

Is there anything you would like to say to your colleagues in Singapore and Cambodia?
Thank you to all my colleagues in the Singapore office for their warm welcome and being so inclusive – inviting me for coffee, lunch and team gatherings. I would also like to sincerely thank my directors, associate directors, assistant managers and my other team members for their guidance and coaching, especially Elsa Chen for her help throughout my secondment. Finally, to both my directors, Khoy Kimleng and Chhiv Kimsroy from the Cambodia office – a big thank you for your constant encouragement and support for making this opportunity possible.

If you could, what from Singapore do you wish to bring back to Cambodia?
If it were possible, I would wish for more high-quality universities like those in Singapore which offer business and finance courses, to further accommodate the increasing demand of talent in the financial sector, as Cambodia continues to develop at a remarkable growth rate!

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