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Deloitte Audit Business Challenge (DABC) 2022

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The Deloitte Audit Business Challenge is a unique platform designed to test your knowledge, especially in the accounting and auditing world! It will provide you with amazing learning opportunities from leading industry experts.

Experience what it takes to be the guardian of investors’ confidence and financial stability of the world! Be prepared to embark on a journey, putting theoretical knowledge to practice, as well as making judgements on real audit challenges, and finally presenting your results.

From beginning to end, DABC 2022 promises to be an exciting journey! Apart from gaining first-hand experience and the opportunity to network with Deloitte experts, you can also stand a chance to win awesome prizes, including job offers and cash rewards!

Don’t wait! Form a team of three and sign up now. All accounting and/or finance related undergraduates currently studying at private and public universities/colleges in Malaysia, are eligible.

Registration closes on 21 October 2022.

Challenge Details

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Announcement of Winners

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Announcement of Finalists

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Announcement of Semi-finalists

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Exclusive Partnership

We would like to acknowledge CPA Australia as an exclusive partner and for their support in the Deloitte Audit Business Challenge 2022.


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