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Financial services regulatory outlooks 2020

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The Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy has released a series of 2020 financial services regulatory outlooks to help financial services firms across the globe navigate the year ahead.

After a decade of global regulatory reforms defined by the financial crisis and misconduct issues, the regulatory environment is changing profoundly. The international consensus on regulatory reform is fraying. Political appetite for globalization is retreating, and trade tensions are mounting. Technological change and social concerns are rising on regulators’ agendas. How can financial services firms ensure they have the foresight, governance, skills, and operational capabilities to adapt and respond to these trends effectively?

The Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy outlooks are designed to provide a clear view of the regulatory landscape and of the steps that firms should take to respond to these regulations. The regulatory outlooks available are:

Asia Pacific financial services regulatory outlook

Trust in the financial services industry remains low, despite the higher regulatory standards that have helped bolster public confidence. This is because much remains to be done for financial institutions to reclaim their social license to operate.

A social license to operate relates to building a robust firm culture that drives good behavior; it also calls for proper governance and accountability within organizations. Finally, it lays out the need to forge stronger communities and societies through forward-looking endeavors like financial inclusion and sustainable finance. Asia Pacific financial services 2020 regulatory outlook explores how regulators will focus on these aspects of financial institutions’ social license to operate in the coming year. It also looks at how this will impact firms’ internal operations, how they harness technology, how they engage with their customers and society, and what firms need to do to meet these challenges.

View the 2020 Asia Pacific regulatory outlook.

Asia Pacific financial services regulatory outlook

EMEA financial markets regulatory outlook

The EMEA Regulatory Outlook explores how major regulatory trends will shape the financial services industry across EMEA in the coming year and how firms can respond effectively. The 2020 edition includes topics such as IBOR transition, climate risk, cyber resilience, the adoption of AI models, and much more besides. The Outlook includes themes which are relevant across all FS sectors as well as specific updates on the banking, capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors.

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EMEA financial markets regulatory outlook

United States financial services regulatory outlooks

With the increasing prevalence and effectiveness of technology around the globe, the status quo is no longer an option. To keep up with the pace of change, financial services companies should continue evolving their approach to keep up with the myriad of challenges that they are facing, and more importantly, the opportunities that they can take advantage of in this fourth industrial revolution. Regulatory, legal, and compliance functions are being asked to do more with less while grappling with new and emerging challenges that stem from the near-ubiquitous use of advanced technologies to meet the increasing cost pressures and need to deliver value beyond “check-the-box” exercises.

Regardless of how the changes promulgated by lawmakers and regulators affect financial services companies, it is imperative that they continue to modernize and rationalize their regulatory, legal and compliance risk management programs so that they can meet applicable laws, regulations, and oversight and monitoring expectations in a sustainable, proactive, and cost-effective way. The 2020 United States financial services regulatory outlooks is an analysis of what to expect in the commercial real estate, banking and capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors in 2020—and their implications for the next decade.

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US Financial Services Regulatory Outlooks

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