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2021 banking regulatory outlook

Understanding this year’s key US banking regulations

Gain insight into banking regulations that industry leaders and decision makers should be tracking and addressing in 2021.

Banking regulatory focus areas for 2021

The following trends could have a significant impact on the business and operating environment for securities firms in 2021 and beyond:

  • Evolving oversight of digital transformation and technological innovation
  • Heightened focus on operational resilience
  • Governance and control of workforce transformation
  • Financial resilience in an uncertain regulatory environment
  • Regulatory divergence creates new challenges
  • Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering (BSA/AML) compliance
  • US regulators address climate risk
  • Renewed push for consumer protection
  • Business model optimization and structural reform
  • Creating a more dynamic data environment

Regulators continue to refine existing regulations implemented in the wake of the financial crisis (global financial crisis) and are now focusing their attention on existing policy areas such as climate risk, digital currencies, technology, and innovation. Meanwhile, they are reviewing their own supervisory processes and reinforcing the core banking supervisory pillars of governance, risk management, capital adequacy and planning, liquidity management, and compliance with laws and regulations.

Recent enforcement actions send a clear message that existing laws and regulations will be enforced and that banking regulators, rather than easing up on their expectations, are demanding higher levels of accountability from boards of directors (boards) and senior management for the laws and regulations that are currently in place. At the same time, regulators are paying close attention to economic trends and forecasts and are carefully monitoring the financial strength of the banking industry, both in the United States and globally.

All these regulatory trends could have a major impact on the banking sector over the next 12 months and will likely require significant attention and action from leadership.

2021 banking regulatory outlook

2021 banking regulation and compliance trends

Select from the topics below to learn more about banking regulations and banking compliance trends we are tracking in 2021. We will update each topic with new thought leadership throughout the year to keep you informed of evolving trends and insights.

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