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2020 Banking Regulatory Outlook

Breaking down this year’s federal banking regulations

Gain industry insights into a profoundly changing banking regulatory environment and the current trends financial services institutions should monitor in 2020.

Adapt and respond: 2020 banking regulatory trends

After a decade of global regulatory reforms defined by the financial crisis and misconduct issues, the regulatory environment is changing profoundly. The international consensus on regulatory reform is fraying. Political appetite for globalization is retreating, and trade tensions are mounting. Technological change and social concerns, including environmental sustainability, are rising on regulators’ agendas. Financial services firms need to be prepared to respond to these trends.

Against a changing economic background, there will be increased focus on firms’ financial and operational resilience, how they adapt to technological change and innovation, and how they respond to political and social pressures in areas such as sustainability and financial inclusion.

Select from the topics below to learn more about banking regulations and trends we are tracking in 2020. We will update each topic with new thought leadership throughout the year to keep you informed of developing trends and insights.

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This publication is part of the Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategy Americas’ annual, cross-industry series on the year’s top regulatory trends. To learn more about regulatory challenges and opportunities in other industries, visit the Regulatory Outlooks homepage.

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