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2021 financial services regulatory outlooks

Navigating a new year of regulatory trends

As we look ahead, what is the regulatory landscape for financial services firms? Our 2021 regulatory outlooks for banking, capital markets, investment management, and insurance explore key regulatory issues that could have a significant impact on your business this year. Read the latest sector insights to help you remain resilient amidst the changing regulatory environment.

Financial services regulatory and compliance trends in 2021

In 2020, COVID-19 affected every person on the planet to some degree. But its full long-term impact on the global economy—and on how people in the future will live and work—is still being determined. Similarly, after one of the most contentious elections in US history, our nation somehow finds itself even more divided than before, with many more questions than answers.

Against this backdrop of ongoing turbulence and uncertainty, we present the 2021 versions of our annual regulatory outlooks for banking, capital markets, insurance and investment management. These reports highlight key areas where important regulatory changes are emerging or accelerating in the wake of 2020.

2021 financial services regulatory outlooks

The ripple effects of a tumultuous 2020 could be even more enduring and impactful than the forces that initially triggered them. Below, we provide we provide our regulatory perspectives on banking, capital markets, insurance, and investment management.

Regulatory and compliance perspectives

Given the potential for a seismic shift in our nation’s political and regulatory landscape, this is a year when financial services firms should pay particularly close attention to regulatory developments that are likely to affect the industry. Learn more about regulation and compliance trends below. We will update our page throughout the year with new perspectives to keep you informed.

The future showed up early. Across the commercial real estate, banking and capital markets, insurance, and investment management sectors, our 2021 outlooks reveal the inextricable link between recovering from COVID-19’s impact and transforming operations to power success in the years ahead. Learn the steps organizations can take now to prepare for what’s next.

2021 Financial Services Outlooks


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