Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Program

CFOs are responsible for safeguarding the company’s assets and fulfilling its regulatory obligations. Strategy, risk, compliance and cyber security are key aspects of the CFO agenda. But how to deal with growing challenges and demands? Deloitte helps with insights, inspiration and expertise.

The CFO Program offers forward-thinking insights for every stage of the CFO career. Each component of the Program is tailored to the specific needs of the CFO, bringing Deloitte subject matter expertise, as well as insights from executive leaders, academia and peers to the table.

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What does the CFO Program do?

The CFO Program complements the CFO role with insights, tools, experiences, national and international networks and learning opportunities, making it easier to deal with the daily challenges.


We provide comprehensive, CFO Board focused insights to help CFOs achieve business goals.

CFO thought leadership by Deloitte

CFO Survey

Published bi-annually, the CFO Surveys include a mix of questions relevant to the CFO on business environment, company and operational level. A section of each edition is dedicated to address specific topics trending currently in the Netherlands.

Spring 2023

We are pleased to present you the Spring 2023 edition of the Deloitte CFO Survey. Download the report to find out more.

CFO Articles

Deloitte consistently produces high-quality content that is relevant to CFOs. Ranging from points of views to topic articles we cover current and long term issues that keep CFOs awake at night. The CFO articles vary from blog post to interviews and podcasts. Visit our article page to get access to the most relevant news for CFOs.

CFO Talk

Through our written and/or recorded CFO interviews, CFOs can be visible and be heard via our platforms on our website, social media, as well as our CFO perspectives page.

How to participate

CFOs and Senior Finance Executives who are based in the Netherlands are more than welcome to contribute to our community.

Please email us at to connect for impact.


We help CFOs grow in their current roles and prepare promising talents for increasing levels of responsibility.

Tools for growth within the finance function.

CFO Transition Labs

CFOs in the Netherlands and across the globe are required to fulfill demanding leadership roles. They increasingly have to oversee other critical operations, including information technology and human resource issues of their finance organizations.

That is why we created a powerful CFO Transition Lab experience, where we help newly appointed CFOs - including those with prior CFO experiences - to make efficient and effective transitions. It is a one-day experience based on our extensive research on CFO transitions.

Labs are facilitated by invitation only.

“I have never had an experience like the Lab before in my career. The issues and opportunities we collectively uncovered are focused, important and clearly on the critical path of a successful transition for me.”


Next Generation CFO Academy

Our Next Generation CFO Academy is a unique, often career-changing experience that helps prepare promising finance executives for a future CFO role.

Attendees are nominated by their organization's current CFO with the goal of developing leadership potential in rising finance professionals.

The Academy provides a highly experiential curriculum and unparalleled networking opportunities.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming amazing talent of (Dutch) companies to the program: ASML, Jumbo, Shell, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Achmea and so on...

Nomination goes by invitation only. Contact us for more information!


We connect CFOs for impact around relevant challenges with their peers.

Join our CFO Community!

CFO Executive Dialogues

Executive dialogues are moderated dialogue sessions with a small group of CFO peers in an informal and inspiring setting about a specific transformational topic.

We as Deloitte try - together with one co-hosting CFO - to provide an experience where CFOs (executives) can discuss (from a cross-industry perspective) common challenges and dilemmas.

Executive Dialogues provide participants with an open and safe peer-learning environment to share experiences about leading transformations. A place where CFOs can take the time to be vulnerable, asking real questions and don’t need to keep up appearances or have quick and firm executive answers.

“The success of an Executive Dialogue is the combination of inspiring peers, a topic that is ‘transformational’ and a safe setting with authentic dialogue."

Wassili Bertoen - founder Amstel Dialogues

Small-scale CFO Roundtables and Masterclasses

Virtual | Hybrid | Physical

Our Roundtables or Masterclasses are a (virtual gathering) of CFOs, focusing on topics that are most relevant in the Netherlands.

We have well-prepared setup, where usually a Deloitte expert kicks off the topic together with an external speaker, before we move to an open discussion.

During our physical events, there is time set aside for our participating CFOs to connect.

Annual CFO Dinner

Every year, we host a dinner in an inspiration venue around a specific topic where CFOs have the ability to connect and get inspired by keynotes, interviews and a great atmosphere.

Below, you can watch the aftermovie of our event in April 2023.

CFO Webinar

The CFO Webinar was dedicated to the outcomes of the CFO Survey Autumn 2023, with a focus on pivotal topics such as Digitalization, AI, Economy, and Sustainability.

Host and CFO Program Lead Mohamed Bouker, was joined by our CFO Rianne Jans, CFO of CoreDux Lodewijk Lockefeer, and AI specialist Naser Bakhshi. The webinar provided a comprehensive overview, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities that CFOs navigate in this era of unprecedented change.

CFO Webinar Survey Report Autumn 2023

Flagship Event: CFO Dinner 2023

Deloitte's annual flagship event, the CFO Dinner, took place April 13, at the Hermitage in Amsterdam. The event was a resounding success, featuring a delightful culinary experience, notable speakers, and a gathering of accomplished CFOs. Hosted by Jeroen Smit, the evening struck the perfect balance between formal presentations and informal networking opportunities.

Under the theme "Being a strategic CFO in uncertain times: what does it take?", Klaas Knot, Sweder van Wijnbergen, and Sandra Phlippen, led engaging discussions that explored the challenges and demands faced by CFOs in today's unpredictable business landscape.

Prior to the main event, an enlightening roundtable session was held, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Participants actively shared their experiences, insights, and challenges, providing a valuable platform for knowledge exchange.

To gain further insights we invite you to read this article published by Management Scope.


The CFO Agenda 2023

Ask CFOs today who and what are setting their agenda, and they might say: The CEO for sure. Certainly, shareholders and the Street. Employees: they’re the engine. Customers and suppliers—a company couldn’t exist without them. The board of directors, to some extent. In many degrees, the environment. And there’s also international conflicts and the head-spinning pace of technology changes. But with changes come new possibilities.

CFO Insights

Download The CFO Agenda 2023 to explore which topics are front and center for many chief financial officers in 2023.


The Deloitte CFO Program

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