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CFO Survey

The Deloitte CFO Survey Spring 2022

The Dutch CFO Program helps CFOs stay ahead in an increasingly complex business environment. Among other initiatives, we do this by giving voice to Chief Financial Officers based in the Netherlands. We are pleased to present you the spring 2022 edition of the Deloitte CFO Survey.


CFO Dinner 2022

What role should the CFO play in the sustainability transition and how does the financial director help ensure that sustainability is embedded at the heart of the organization? This was the central question of Deloitte's CFO dinner in the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. In any case, waiting for EU regulations is not an option. “Start telling your own story now, measure performance and focus on value creation. One day you will be rewarded for the courage you have shown.”


Zeroing in on ESG performance

As businesses strive for effective ESG strategies by 2050, financial controllers and CFOs are perfectly placed to enhance their companies’ transparency of environmental, social and governance performance, by enhancing financial reporting frameworks. Deloitte’s ESG Strategy Wheel points the way: setting up for success, establishing boundaries, aligning goals and handling governance.


CFO Dinner 2022

During the CFO Dinner, we spoke with Chris Figee, Isabelle Damen, Frits van Zijdervelt and Pim Berendsen about sustainability

CFO Survey

Economic outlook & predictions from Europe’s CFOs

As 2021 draws to a close, and with the number of COVID-19 cases still high, how do Europe’s CFOs see the prospects for the economy and their businesses in the year ahead? What are their intentions for capital spending and hiring? How concerned are they about supply shortages and rising inflation?


Financing a sustainable transition

The results of the latest European CFO survey reveal that when it comes to ESG, many companies are missing opportunities to engage with investors effectively. Finance departments have a role to play, but may need to build new capabilities.


Seize the DEI: How CFOs can help implement strategies areound diversity, equity, and inclusion

We’ll explore how finance leaders can help make DEI a priority, from raising the appropriate questions about a potential acquisition to choosing financial institutions for partnership.


Insights on responsible business

Listen to business leaders discuss their challenges and experiences in becoming more responsible businesses, towards an outcome that is better for all stakeholders, better for long term shareholder value and better for society as a whole.

Practical Guides

The Crunch time series for CFOs

Practical guides to modernizing the finance function. Whatever your interest, one thing is clear: From cloud computing and robotics to analytics, cognitive technologies, and blockchain, a new class of digital disruptors is transforming how the work of Finance gets done.


The catalyst effect of the finance function on decarbonization

Since carbon tax been officially announced, Dutch companies need to act. The tax will significantly impact the competitive environment, and at the same time offer new opportunities for purpose-led organizations. In this report, we will explore how internal carbon pricing will accelerate a low-carbon future.


The link between sustainability and tax will need to be stronger.

Companies all across the world are contemplating on how sustainability affects them and how they can contribute to achieving the climate goals. Helene Geijtenbeek and Patrick van Min, Tax Partners at Deloitte, see that their clients are absolutely willing to take action. And yet, they do not make the connection with tax, or do not do so enough.

CFO Journal

Deloitte x WSJ

Deloitte’s Insights for CFOs provides financial executives a customized resource to help them address the strategic, operational and regulatory issues they face in managing their finance organizations and careers, with top-line digests, research, perspectives and technical analyses.


Finance 2025 Revisited: Finance trends shaping the immediate future

The digital disruptions that informed our thinking about finance trends several years ago have accelerated. And all signs suggest they’ll continue to do so. Our new Crunch time report takes an in-depth look at what we know now about the future of Finance.

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