Deloitte CLO Program


Deloitte CLO Program

Legal mindset, business challenges

Deloitte's Chief Legal Officer ("CLO") Program helps legal executives bring more value to the business world as they grow in their careers. We invite legal executives from select client organizations to participate in an interconnected series of professional development and networking programs.

The world of the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) lies at the spot where the legal perspective and the business mindset intersect. The leader who masters both delivers value no one else can. The career path that leads to the CLO's chair follows a complex trajectory. You need to demonstrate strong legal expertise, and you also are expected to understand the business strategy, its language, and how it makes money.

For you to provide demonstrable value to your organization—and for you to grow along that trajectory so that you can be an effective CLO when the opportunity comes—you don't just need to understand both worlds. You need to connect them in ways that create and protect value.

We help forge connections with business leaders and innovators to help attorneys master their complex leadership role atop the worlds of law and business. Every stage in a legal executive's career brings different challenges and demands. And at every stage, we are there to help.

Our CLO services

Transition Labs
The Transition Lab helps prepare CLOs for the full range of roles they need to take on. This full-day session deconstructs marketing challenges, examines the evolving role of CLOs, and explores strategic solutions including defining priorities and the development of an actionable plan.

Executive Dialogues
In today’s world, we all face great opportunities and fundamental challenges. The focus of the executive dialogue sessions is to unify the experience and thinking ability of CLOs in a small-scale and personal setting. Learning from peers with similar dilemmas and challenges, by asking the right questions, exchanging experiences. 

Small-scale networking events
These small-scale gatherings are a possibility for you to meet peers in an informal setting. No agenda, no presentations but a moment to connect with your peers. 


Possible topics to discuss within the CLO Program services :

  • Legal transformation
  • Leadership of General Counsel and Chief Legal Officers
  • ESG
  • Development of legal talent


Hans Albers

Hans Albers


Hans Albers, Director Legal Management Consulting is responsible for expanding Deloitte Legal’s offerings in this area by developing new capabilities and building on Deloitte Legal’s existing technolo... More