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Legal Advisory Services

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Deloitte Legal provides a full range of corporate and commercial law services, from complex advisory related to major business life events, restructuring contractual arrangements between group companies through to workforce challenges.

Our Legal Advisory Services include:

Corporate Law

Deloitte Legal provides clients with guidance on a broad range of issues arising from day-to-day operational activities. Our practitioners merge our local-jurisdiction experience with our know-how in global coordination. Deloitte Legal’s Corporate Law services are tailored to each client’s needs.

Among the most common ways we serve our clients are by supporting:

  • Requests for legal advice regarding foreign investment matters
  • The incorporation of corporations and companies in their various forms and characteristics
  • Corporate record maintenance and legal bookkeeping
  • The drafting and negotiation of NDAs, as well as confidentiality and settlement agreements
  • The review, negotiation, and drafting of all types of commercial agreements
  • The drafting of confidentiality, anti-corruption, and privacy corporate policies
  • The drafting of board minutes, proxies, and general or special powers-of-attorney
  • The negotiation and drafting of all kinds of negotiable instruments and credit transactions
  • Corporate restructuring, conversions, dissolutions, and winding-up procedures
  • Opening of subsidiaries, and representative and branch offices of foreign companies in any jurisdiction
  • Corporate regularization
  • Corporate compliance and risk assessment

Corporate law

Visit our Corporate Law webpage here or directly contact our experts:

Intellectual Property (IP) and IT solutions

The Internet of Things, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, big data, the cloud and 3D printing – technologies are evolving rapidly and, as a result, organizations large and small, private and public, are fundamentally rethinking how they operate. Deloitte Legal tailors its digital law offering for each client; it combines its Legal and Regulatory capabilities with other Deloitte businesses such as Consulting, Audit, Risk Advisory, Financial Advisory and Tax to create an integrated, holistic approach.

We focus on:

  • Contract laws and private laws including cloud, outsourcing and smart contracts
  • Mandatory laws and regulations – cyber, IT, e-commerce and related regulatory aspects around privacy and data protection, and e-commerce
  • IP laws & Trade secrets related to data, cyber, IT and e-commerce and cloud, e.g. copyright, patent and trademark laws, Legal aspects of IP taxation (e.g. OECD BEPS and Digital Value Chain Alignment)
  • Strategic IP management – Defining and implementing a strong and effective IP strategy and supporting customers in creating optimal value from their IP. Our goal is to make IP an integral part of your business strategy and operationalize the alignment of IP and other roles in your organization for value optimization. 

Support can range from expert advice to legal project management and automated solutions. 

Digital Law

Visit our IP/IT webpage here or directly contact our experts:

Employment Law & Benefits

Because a wide range of workforce issues can impact a company’s ability to attract and retain talent, or can damage its reputation and market value in an instant, companies need trusted, globally scalable employment law solutions..

Deloitte Legal helps companies with:

  • Global mobility: managing the growing complexity of an internationally mobile workforce
  • Individual employment law: from hiring, employment contracts, handbooks and policies, to termination
  • Contingent workforce: from establishing the workforce strategy to drafting the appropriate context, clauses and policies
  • Workforce transformation: from consultation to down- or right-sizing procedures
  • Compensation & Benefits: from global stock plans to corporate governance and regulation, including CEO pay ratios, gender pay-gap reporting, and compliance with minimum wage requirements

Employment law and benefits

Visit our Employment Law webpage here or directly contact our experts:

Mergers & Acquisitions

Deloitte Legal advises businesses throughout every stage of a transaction, from negotiation through to execution. We align with our tax and finance colleagues to cover risks from all angles.

We provide support during the following critical phases:

  • Sourcing
  • Screening
  • NDA
  • First review
  • LOI / NBO
  • Due diligence
  • Compliance due diligence
  • Legal structuring
  • Binding documentation, completion & closing
  • Anti-trust filing/merger control clearance
  • Post M&A integration
  • Capital market compliance

For clients seeking standalone services related to a transaction, Deloitte Legal can also help with:

  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Legal Project Management
  • Post-merger integration

Mergers & Acquisitions

Visit our M&A webpage here or directly contact our experts:

FSI Regulatory Legal 

The regulatory landscape for financial services is one of rapid and constant evolution. We help clients understand and navigate the labyrinth of European and domestic legislation, regulatory guidance and industry standards. We have extensive experience helping clients respond to new legislation, applying for licenses and training (prospective) board members. Regardless of the challenge, our approach is always hands-on and business-minded.

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