The future of personalised foods and global health


The future of personalised food and global health

Will COVID-19 lead to a tipping point in the industry?

The COVID-19 crisis is accelerating global transformations when it comes to the Future of Food & Health(care). This could very well be the final push the industry needs to dive into personalised nutrients and start an ecosystem play.

#VirtualCoffee on Future of Food and the Future of Health

COVID-19 has brought Food and Health completely together. In this #LinkedInLive #virtualcoffee session we discuss the overlap and cross opportunity. Experts speaking: Lucien Engelen, Randy Jagt, and Dominique van Seggelen.

Focus on healthy ingredients

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, people are paying close attention to what they eat. “The focus is on healthy ingredients and taking care of each other,” says Randy Jagt, Global Future of Food lead at Deloitte. “It would be great if that focus remains, because there are still humongous challenges to overcome when it comes to ways food can contribute to our health.” Jagt refers to the fact that, worldwide, there are 1.9 billion people facing obesity and 2 billion people who do not get enough micronutrients in their daily nutrinial intake. “The connection between food and health is fundamental.” Jagt describes the ideal Future of Food as one where people would only want healthy food that boosts their way of living and that fits with their values and lifestyle.

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Opportunities for collaboration

What needs to happen for the Future of Food to intersect with the Future of Health? Dominique van Seggelen, Consumer Industry lead at Deloitte, thinks that the food industry is indeed interested in providing healthy ingredients and high-quality foods. However, he warns that the demand of the consumer is still leading. “Companies can only develop more healthy ingredients if there is a market for it,” says Van Seggelen. “We need to get to the tipping point, and in that respect the COVID-19-momentum might be decisive. We now collectively feel the need to be healthier and eat healthier foods, more vitamins and more fresh produce. There is an opportunity here for companies, governments and research bodies to collaborate, build a shared ecosystem and work together to take the next step.”

Ecosystem play

Lucien Engelen, Edge Fellow at Deloitte Center for the Edge, sees big potential for an ecosystem play. “One great example of an existing ecosystem play is the combination of the Future of Health and financial debt,” Engelen says. “We know that people with high financial debt are more prone to use health care. That’s why a couple of Dutch banks and health insurance providers started working together to try to relieve debts and subsequently lower healthcare costs.” In such an ecosystem play, there are tons of opportunities for every player; this goes for the Future of Finances and Health as well as the Future of Food and Health.

Personalised nutrition

Food retailers are getting involved more and more in the trend of personalisation. Jagt and Engelen agree that personalised nutrition is the biggest opportunity for a shared Future of Food and Health. “Just imagine what could happen when people get personalised diets that keep them healthier and help them recover more quickly if they do get sick.” Van Seggelen wholeheartedly agrees. “Now is the time to make such opportunities come to life by coming together and working together.”

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