How we’re creating the food system of the future


How we’re creating the food system of the future

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Together with large corporations, brand-new start-ups and non-profit foundations we’re shaping the future of food. Find out how in these impact stories, and by reading more about our FoodTech Accelerator programme.

AI to improve animal monitoring in slaughterhouses

Connecting stakeholders for impact

Together with de Dierenbescherming, Eyes On Animals and Vion, we developed an AI-based camera surveillance system for slaughterhouses called AI4Animals. Nowadays most video recordings, and therefore potential welfare issues, remain unseen. AI4Animals automatically identifies potential animal handling issues, enabling slaughterhouse employees to take corrective actions

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2020: Year of impact towards the Future of Food

5 stories of connecting towards a desirable future

In these challenging times for today’s food system, we’re collaborating with large corporations, brand-new start-ups and non-profit foundations in a journey to shape a desirable and more responsible future. Five stories of how we’re creating impact together.

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Walter helps poor African farmers with his knowledge of international transactions

Walter Govers started at Deloitte as a working student. He is now a consultant at Transfer Pricing. He helped make an impact in Africa and Asia by participating in a project for the Deloitte Impact Foundation.

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FoodTech Accelerator

Connecting the world's largest brands with the most innovative startups

The Future of Food is a future of connected ecosystems. When startups and corporates join forces, innovation blooms. The FoodTech Accelerator programme drives innovation in the food industry by accelerating these connections.

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No food to waste

Pretend for a second you’re in a supermarket. You’ve got your shopping list. You’re scanning the shelves for some yoghurt. Two options: a cheaper one expiring tomorrow, and a full-price one lasting until next week. Which do you choose?

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