How to build your Experience Business?


Chapter 2: Design & Configure Customer Journeys

How to build your Experience Business?

Drawing on insights from our daily practice, Deloitte Digital has created this practical guide, called Building your Experience Business. It is designed to help organizations fundamentally change the way they engage and interact with customers.

Designing and configuring truly wished-for experiences

Customer journey mapping is nothing new. Almost all companies that we work with have at least once mapped out a customer journey. But how to design an effective customer journey and – even more important – how to configure one? 

If you design and configure journeys well, your customers and your company will greatly benefit. A spot-on customer journey leads to customers being more satisfied, staying longer and recommending your product or service to that extra friend or neighbor. In other words, loyalty, NPS (net promoter score), conversion and cross & upsell numbers will go up, just to name a few advantages.

Thinking from a customer journey perspective will help moving from a transactional approach to one that focuses on long term relationships with customers. It’s a strategy. How would you like to serve your customers and address customer needs? Designing and configuring journeys can help you realize your ambitions. Download the full guide to learn more about designing and configuring customer journeys.

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