Chapter 4: The Secret Ingredients of a High-performing Customer Journey Team

How to build your Experience Business?

Drawing on insights from our daily practice, Deloitte Digital has created this practical guide, called Building your Experience Business. It is designed to help organizations fundamentally change the way they engage and interact with customers.

Organizing in Customer Journey teams

Providing seamless customer journeys requires seamless collaboration within your organization. That’s a no-brainer. The better teams work together, the better they are able to oversee the total customer journey and enhance the experience across all touchpoints. What would a top-notch marketing platform be, without people knowing how to work with it? Let’s face it: well organized teams can make or break the customer journey. However, organizing and setting up high performing customer journey teams can be challenging. Improving customer journeys is not a one-time activity: it’s a new way of working for the long run.

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