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Three trends affecting manufacturing sales

The Future of Sales Series

This article is part of the Sales Transformation Future of Sales Series, the central theme of the third article is future of manufacturing sales. We believe that there are three considerable trends that are driving transformation in the manufacturing industry: • Servitization • Race to net zero production • Dynamic and intelligent pricing.

Three trends affecting manufacturing sales

Navigating these trends and the challenges they pose effectively is paramount to succeeding in today’s competitive world. Thankfully, there are powerful solutions that are proven to help you succeed and
to remain competitive, which are ready to be implemented.

Manufacturing companies’ products are gradually commoditizing. Prices are therefore becoming the main competitive differentiator. This directly impacts and contributes to adverse price erosion and margin pressure. This is why we’ve seen so many industries transitioning in recent years from a product model (‘selling products’) to a service model (‘selling an experience’), where products are increasingly leased or sold on a pay-per-use basis.

Race to net zero production
Sustainability is now a top strategic priority across most industries, with a growing focus within manufacturing. So what are the key challenges driving the race to reduce emissions?

  • Firstly, there are inherent challenges of handling increasingly volatile energy prices and the growing pressure from an array of key stakeholders.
  • Secondly, there are challenges in finding the most effective way to build on each other’s work and learn from and build upon shared ideas.

Dynamic and intelligent pricing
Manufacturing companies can find achieving top and bottom-line growth challenging. Smart pricing strategies - which rely heavily on speed and accuracy, can help you gain and retain a competitive edge, recover value and expand sustainably.
There are two important factors to the pricing:

  • Speed: pricing process automation
  • Accuracy: AI-enabled pricing
Three trends affecting manufacturing sales
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