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Who are our programme partners?

The Fast 50 is organised in collaboration with several programme partners. We are happy to introduce these Fast 50 programme partners to you.


As an intermediary of capital, ABN AMRO feels co-responsible for a well-functioning ecosystem: with an optimal exchange of ideas, people and capital, the Netherlands can be the springboard for innovative, fast-growing companies. ABN AMRO wants to be a guide to growth capital for fast-growing companies, and actively uses its network for this. Entrepreneurs can contact the Technology Media & Telecom sector team or one of the bank's Growth and Innovation Desks for this.

ABN AMRO actively participates in various initiatives that support fast-growing companies. For example, it has been a partner of Fast 50 for many years and organises meetings on various themes that are relevant to fast-growing companies. Growing is great, growing year-on-year is special.


About Euronext
Euronext is the leading pan-European stock exchange in the Eurozone with nearly 1,300 listed companies that together account for a market value of more than € 3,500 billion. It is an unparalleled blue-chip market with 24 companies in the Morningstar® Eurozone 50 Index℠ and a strong and diverse domestic and international customer base. Euronext operates regulated and transparent securities and derivatives markets. Euronext's total product offering includes shares, ETFs, warrants & certificates, bonds, derivatives, commodities and indices. In addition, Euronext uses its market expertise by providing technology and managed services to third parties. With its Corporate Services, Euronext assists listed companies in increasing the visibility of global investors.

The stock exchange
Euronext is also seen as a driver of the Dutch economy, all the more because of the role the stock exchange plays in the search for capital for companies. The capital raised by a company with an IPO or with the issue of additional shares, enables it to innovate, realise expansion, finance acquisitions, etc. This ensures further growth and employment.

With our great diversity of origin shareholders, good track record of successful international IPOs and funds, a high degree of visibility and close cooperation with the regulator, we offer a powerful financing alternative for companies.

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Contact details:
René van Vlerken, Head of Listing Euronext Amsterdam,

Kennedy Van der Laan

To innovate, to be successful as quickly as possible, to be driven by the will to do things differently. We recognise that feeling. It is exactly what prompted us to start our office more than 25 years ago. And we have now grown into one of the top 20 law firms in the Netherlands.

Ambitious entrepreneurs will find the experts at Kennedy Van der Laan who can actually help the advancement of their business. Strong knowledge of the law, a good sense of entrepreneurship and practical knowledge of the technology market, mean that we are particularly well-placed to provide innovative entrepreneurs with clear and practical advice. We look for the shortest route to a solution by not making things more complicated than they are.

Meet our Fast 50 Team, which, together with you, can enable your company to continue to grow responsibly at lightning speed, but of course within all legal frameworks. If you want to share your ambition with us, we will share our legal knowledge with you to make that ambition come true.

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