HR due dilligence


HR due diligence

Our HR M&A team adds value throughout the entire M&A cycle

During mergers and acquisitions a potential Buyer/Seller can be confronted with complex HR topics. The HR M&A team performs due diligence services to provide insights, identify and assess (financial) risks and determine the impact for business valuation purposes.

Your challenge

During mergers and acquisitions a potential Buyer/Seller can be confronted with complex HR topics. Certain (financial) risks can be involved relating to these HR topics which should be identified and assessed during the due diligence phase.

Why Deloitte

Our M&A HR team adds value throughout the entire M&A cycle:

  • We have elaborate experience in the performing sell- and buyside HR due diligences;
  • Our integrated team assembles the core competencies you require for the process. If needed we can add additional expertise where (geographically) needed;
  • We understand the dynamics of the M&A teams and PE parties, enabling effective communication and cooperation;
  • We assisted numerous employers optimizing their HR and pension strategy, also in the events of sale/buy, mergers and carve-outs.

Our solution

Our team provides you a comprehensive approach of HR due diligence through 4 added values:

  • Financial: Rapidly capture HR cost and synergies
  • Structural: Streamline HR organization structure and critical processes, evaluate best way to re-structure the company
  • Cultural: Execute an issue-free transition, ensure positive image within and outside the company
  • People: Maintain employees focused and motivated, secure separation plans

During the due diligence phase we can assist you in:

  • Obtaining an understanding and insights into of a wide variety of HR topics (including workforce analysis, HR policies and employee benefit plans)
  • Assessment of the (financial) risks of your applicable employee benefit plans and other HR topics
  • Full pension due diligence providing insight in your (financial) figures and risks relating to pension and other long-term benefit plans
  • Determination of the impact of the different HR topics for business valuation purposes (debt-like items and EBITDA adjustments)


Robert-Jan Hamersma

Robert-Jan Hamersma


Robert-Jan is an Actuary and is Managing Partner of the Deloitte Benefits & Pension Advisory practice. With more than 25 years of working experience at Deloitte, including a secondment in New York, he... More

David van Lenthe

David van Lenthe

Senior Manager

David joined Deloitte in 2011. David is a member of the Deloitte Transaction Services team and specialist in HR, Pensions and Merger & Acquisitions. Furthermore, he has developed a broad expertise on ... More