HR post-merger integration (PMI)


HR post-merger integration (PMI)

Our HR M&A team adds value throughout the entire M&A cycle

After having completed a merger or acquisition, several challenges can arise with regard to HR topics. With assistance of Deloitte, you as employer are able to prepare for Day-1 and deal with the identified HR topics.

Your challenge

The integration, harmonization and/or alignment of HR topics (like workforce, employee benefits) after a transaction can be complex and has a significant impact. Therefore, it is important to prepare and be ready to deal with these HR topics (Day-1 readiness).

Why Deloitte

Our M&A HR team adds value throughout the entire M&A cycle:

  • We have elaborate experience in the performing sell- and buyside HR PMI services;
  • We understand the dynamics of the M&A cycle, involved M&A teams, enabling effective communication and cooperation.

Our solution

To ensure deal success it is critical to look at ‘the people side of things’ and deliver value during the pre-deal as well as the post-deal phase. Deloitte has extensive experience and expertise with regard to post-merger integration from an HR perspective. Within our HR M&A practice we offer a full range of services that helps you to capture success in the people dimension.

As part of a post-merger integration, Deloitte can assist employers with:

  • Support on a wide variety of HR topics to prepare for Day-1;
  • Assistance during integration of workforce and harmonization of employee benefits;
  • Reducing or mitigating HR risks both from an operational and financial perspective;
  • Developing an integrated solid HR strategy relating to employee benefits (including pensions).


Robert-Jan Hamersma

Robert-Jan Hamersma


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David van Lenthe

David van Lenthe

Senior Manager

David joined Deloitte in 2011. David is a member of the Deloitte Transaction Services team and specialist in HR, Pensions and Merger & Acquisitions. Furthermore, he has developed a broad expertise on ... More