Vendor assist


Vendor assist

Optimising the outcome

As an alternative to a vendor due diligence report, a seller can make a lighter (and cheaper) preparation with a factbook or vendor assist report. This provides prospective buyers with reliable figures and analyzes for their valuation and due diligence. These alternatives are mainly used for smaller transactions with fewer potential buyers.

Your challenge

You want to provide potential buyers with relevant information in an initial phase of the sales process but do not (yet) provide in-depth insight into a wide range of aspects of your business. A factbook (a data book with mainly quantitative information and analyzes but with few qualitative additions) or a vendor assistance report (a short report with more qualitative explanation of topics and diligence analyzes selected by the seller) are good alternatives.

Our solution

Deloitte can assist you in the preparation of a sales transaction by drawing up a factbook containing a solid and consistent set of figures for the object of the transaction and analyzes required for valuation. A vendor assist report also often includes information about other aspects of the company, such as the business model, clients, taxation or other elements. Potential buyers may use this information for their initial bid and to prepare their own due diligence investigation.

Why Deloitte?

If you involve your Deloitte advisers at an early stage, you will be well prepared for a sales process and you can provide prospective buyers with sound and relevant information in a timely manner. This also improves the quality of the Information Memorandum. If there is enough enthusiasm for the company and the sales process seems to be successful, you may at a later moment decide to expand the work.


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Ad Veken


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