Technology and Innovation


Technology and Innovation

Are you ready to create more value from your data?

Analytics, computer science and business skills combined to help your organization to succeed in an increasingly digitalized environment.

Your challenge

The vast majority of the world’s data has been created in the last few years and this exponential growth of data doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. We are living in the big data era, where the data is characterized by the 3 V’s: Volume, Velocity and Variety.

Along with the various forms and shapes of the data, the technological landscape is filled up with various techniques and tools meant to help, and yet the businesses struggle to deliver value from their data. Moving from data to insight.

To ensure the optimal outcome from analyzing the data and to drive innovation, there are a few necessary ingredients: a solid framework, a team with a diverse skillset and the right piece of technology. When mixing those 3 ingredients, the execution of the analytics lifecycle from the moment the project is conceived, scoped, executed and communicated to the right audience becomes seamless.

Our solution

  • Descriptive analytics: support data-driven decision making and provide actionable insights by processing and combining various sources of historical data
  • Predictive analytics: using the historical data and applying advanced AI/ML techniques to predict client behavior or business outcomes so that management can act accordingly in preventing or reinforcing the actions
  • Interactive dashboarding: simulations, management reports – in all cases the dashboard tells a compiling story by combining the right data sources in the back end technology and the right front end design with the end user at the center
  • Automations: repetitive tasks that cost energy and resources can be automated using technology so that the business can channel the energy other innovative streams

Our team is skilled to use any type of data – structured , unstructured or mixed and apply the right algorithms to help the business uncover value and make smarter decisions. The team not only builds tools and solutions, but it can also offer tech workshops to ignite an innovative mindset for professionals.

Why Deloitte

In the current competitive landscape, being one step ahead is the key for success. At Deloitte we leverage a big network of professionals to ensure we provide you the latest methodologies ensuring best quality of our services.

Within the Technology and Innovation team at Deloitte, we combine the skills and the technology to create future proof solutions. Being part of both Financial Advisory and Tax and Legal, we put together the data scientists and developers with the business experts to provide the best solution on the engagements.


Sarah van Hecke

Sarah van Hecke

Senior Manager

Sarah van Hecke is a communication scientist with a specialization in attitude and behaviour. She focuses specifically on the influence of imagery and design on behavior. In recent years she has imple... More