Workshop: Are you ready for the future?


Workshops: Are you ready for the future?

If you want to excel in your career mastering the four C’s is crucial.

To thrive in today’s age of disruption, professionals need to broaden their scope and skillset. They are expected to understand how future possibilities will impact their way of working, business model and organization. Doing more with less.

Your challenge

Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. According to the world economic forum no professional can do without in the future. If you aim to excel your career mastering the four C’s is of the essence in order remain successful the coming years. However, that is more easily said than done, because most professionals are skilled to be in-depth experts in their field, while the four C’s require you to adapt to new ways of working, different ways of thinking and keeping up with new technology.

Our solution

The Deloitte Technology & Innovation team has compiled a workshop offering based on the four C’s allowing professionals to explore the skills of the future. In each workshop all four C’s are represented. The workshop can be done separately or in combination with one another.

  • Digital Escape room: collaborating can be challenging, even face-to-face, let alone online or in a hybrid setting. The digital escape room is created to be an immersive team experience. Together you would need to tap into your creative abilities to solve the puzzles and find your way out. How do you divide the tasks, are you capable of making a critical analysis questioning what you see, can you build on each other’s ideas to find the fastest way out? We touch upon all dimensions of collaboration. After all teams have found their way out we reflect on our own performance. An energetic yet enlightening experience!

  • Lab of the Future: designed to ignite your natural curiosity and discover how different ways of working might impact your organization or department. Technology helps us to connect, to speed up, and to be more efficient but it can never replace critical thinking and the human judgement. A tailor-made program aimed at having professionals pivot and discover, combining skills and knowledge. Modules included amongst others Dashboarding, blockchain and RPA.

  • The Visual Mind: From complexity to clarity. Through a mixture of exercises and theory, the Deloitte Designing Insight team will demonstrate why and how visualization can augment cognition and improve problem-solving abilities. You will learn how to sketch and how to translate these sketches into visuals to communicate with; you will master structuring your thoughts and be able to literally get on the same page with your clients and colleagues. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication are all touched upon in this 180 minutes masterclass.

Why Deloitte

The Deloitte Technology & Innovation team aims to empowering clients & society with the ultimate mindset and tools to harness the opportunities of innovation & technology. They are expert withing the financial advisory domain and understand the landscape you operate in. The team has a proven track record within the consumer industry, financial services and tax domain.


Sarah van Hecke

Sarah van Hecke

Senior Manager

Sarah van Hecke is a communication scientist with a specialization in attitude and behaviour. She focuses specifically on the influence of imagery and design on behavior. In recent years she has imple... More