Samenwerken aan een financieel gezond Nederland


Working towards a financially healthy Netherlands

Financial health is a responsibility we all share

Our commitment to Financial Health is a priority for Deloitte. Many societal challenges such as social inequality and loneliness are connected to this topic. Given that Dutch households are now fast accumulating debt due to inflation, improving their Financial Health is more relevant and urgent than ever.

Research conducted by Deloitte1, in collaboration with SchuldenLabNL and employers' organization VNO-NCW, shows that four out of five employers are facing employees with financial problems. At the same time, employers are well positioned to help identify financial problems, even at an early stage, to prevent financial worries. Employers can contribute to the financial health of their employees.

How we want to improve the Financial Health of households in the Netherlands

Deloitte facilitates and participates in various initiatives;

  • The Nationale Coalitie Financiële Gezondheid (NCFG)
    Deloitte, ING and SchuldenlabNL have taken the lead in forming a broad coalition (NCFG) of employers to tackle financial problems and debt in the workplace. Over 30 organizations are now affiliated and are committing to a more inclusive society by improving the financial health of their employees and households in the Netherlands. The joint goal is to have reduced the number of employees who are financially unhealthy or vulnerable by 50% in 2030.

    Deloitte holds chair of the NCFG during the first year.
  • Publication of annual report with regards to the Financial Health of Dutch households
    The report measures the Financial Health of Dutch households. Together with our partners, we have developed a grading scale with corresponding levels of health. With the insights acquired, we encourage Dutch households to improve their household finances. At the same time, we enable organizations to support in this process, which bolsters our overall cause of improving the Financial Health of Dutch households.
  • Nibud FinanciëleGezondheidscheck
    Nibud is an independent knowledge and advice center of household finances, for which we have developed the Nibud Financiële Gezondheidscheck. The check consists of 15 questions and is scientifically validated. The check provides standardized insights into Financial Health but also gives tips to improve it and stimulate behavioral change for the better. The Nibud Financiële Gezondheidscheck is developed for consumers, financial institutions and NCFG coalition members.

The Nibud Financiële Gezondheidscheck (in Dutch)

Why we focus on Financial Health

To make an impact that matters on our society’s wellbeing, Deloitte has embraced this theme. We believe we can make a difference by deploying our people’s knowledge, research expertise and network, to raise awareness and improve on financial health.

Together with our clients and partners, we aim for more financially healthy households in the Netherlands. 

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1Source: (In)visible financial problems in the workplace. A report of the employer's perspective on the Financial Health of employees

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