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How Pioneers get energy by working from home

This is the first post in a four-part series that gives insight on how Pioneers get energy by working from home and what they find challenging in this current situation. This is a follow-up from the introduction post on ‘What gives you energy when working from home?’

A Pioneer motto is: “Have fun. It’s just work.”

They’re comfortable with ambiguity and highly adaptable to change—whether they’re the ones initiating it, as is often the case, or not. Strong Pioneers tend to be easy to spot because they’re highly energized and outgoing. More than anything, a Pioneer can be recognised by their spontaneity and love for brainstorming. Most likely they’ll be the first one in a group to pick up a pen and start mapping out an idea in front of them, drawing while they think and thinking as they draw.

As the most extroverted of the four types, Pioneers are usually energetic and expressive. With broad networks and collaborative styles. They aren’t fazed by change and like to jump in and lead the charge toward new horizons. When it comes to decision-making, Pioneers don’t hang about. They tend to make quick decisions, go with their gut, have a high tolerance for ambiguity and risk, and aren’t afraid to change their minds.

As part of the exploration amongst Pioneers who score high on this Business Chemistry type, here’s some valuable insights and tips how these colleagues deal with the current situation while working from home.

“What gives you energy when working from home?” 

  • “The new initiatives people come up with, it’s so nice to stay one step ahead where possible and see how we can contribute to this crisis.”
  • “I promote using the webcam during all the calls (even one-to-one calls).”
  • “Finding other ways of communicating than sitting behind my desk. During conference calls, where no screen is required, take a hike close to home, in order to stay energized.”

“What’s that one main challenge for you in this situation when working from home?”

  • “The lack of group get-togethers (either planned or spontaneously happening at the coffee machine), these tend to energize me and missing it is a shame!”
  • “I’m distracted very quickly at home.”
  • “My main challenge is balancing work with taking care of my daughter when my wife is working.”

How to work with a Pioneer?

This depends on your own Business Chemistry type. If you want to keep a Pioneer engaged, don’t limit their creativity or give them boundaries.

If you can, try to avoid too much structure and process, and when possible, the
word ‘no’. Pioneers don’t like to be told ‘it can’t be done’.

So Pioneers, anything you want to add from your personal experience?

For detailed tips on how you can improve your relationship with a Pioneer, take a look here.

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