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How Integrators get energy by working from home 

This is the closing post in a four-part series that gives insight on how Integrators get energy by working from home and what they find challenging in this current situation. This is a follow-up from the Introduction post , Pioneers, Guardian and Driver posts on ‘What gives you energy when working from home?’

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It’s the Integrator in your team that says: “It’s all about consensus!”

Integrators are our ‘people’ people; they are connectors. They connect with people (and now continue to do so virtually), place importance on relationships and like to be helpful. They’re also traditional, trusting, and dutiful. Their strongest traits are: their tendency to avoid confrontation and seek consensus; their empathy; and their tolerance of ambiguity. For these reasons our Integrators are polar opposites to Drivers, who tend to prioritise goals over relationships. Integrators also tend to connect ideas. Although their way of thinking is non-linear, they are contextual and like to know how everything fits into the bigger picture.

Generally, Integrators think through decisions carefully and seek input from others before they do so; they want to get a sense of whether people are in agreement and happy. Integrators are not particularly keen on risk-taking, but if they see their group heading in that direction they will be more inclined to get on board. The implications of a decision on those around them are likely to be important to an Integrator and they’ll consider them carefully. Integrators are prone to changing their mind, which is not one of their favored traits.

The Integrators that contributed to this inquiry, are the ones to firstly ask if everyone is “okay”. Their responses were short stories, including heartwarming examples from their close ones. Here’s some valuable insights and tips how these colleagues cope with the current situation while working from home.


“What gives you energy when working from home?”

  • “The daily update calls for 5/10 minutes with my manager and co-workers to stay connected; we invite each other to just simply ask how everyone is doing.”
  • “Working with someone present in my house. My daughter who also has to work from home, comes to my place every day. We make the best of it!”
  • “Silly jokes, tips and tricks being shared via WhatsApp and other forms of virtual interaction.”


“What’s that one main challenge for you in this situation when working from home?”

  • “The loneliness and not seeing/meeting any people. I really appreciate
    the talk at the coffee machine and the presence of my colleagues.”
  • “Uncertainty of what we can and cannot do; hard to find the motivation to work on future projects.”
  • “Lack of real interaction with people; trying hard of course with video and setting up just interaction/breaks type of calls, but I miss the energy of being in an office.”

How to work with an Integrator?
Did you notice the words connection, motivation (or lack thereof) and interaction? Be an active listener and make eye contact by using the webcam for calls. You may want to express some emotion and use storytelling to illustrate facts or analysis you hope to share with an Integrator. And please… don’t skip the small talk, confront them in a blunt or aggressive manner, brag, interrupt, or remain aloof. That’s just not going to work. How you can flex depends on your own Business Chemistry type. For custom tips on how you can improve your relationship with an Integrator, discover them here.

Since we are in this situation together and all try to make the best of it,
keep a close eye on your co-workers. And although you have to work remotely,
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