How to bring AI into practice in recruitment? (3/3)

The world of recruitment is being transformed by new AI technologies, bringing promises of a more efficient, better and fairer recruitment for both companies and candidates. However, implementing and utilizing these AI technologies is not as simple as one might expect; bias, discrimination, and legislation have to be taken seriously. In this video, experts discuss how organizations can successfully bring AI in recruitment by integrating AI into the strategy, organizational design, people capabilities and processes.

In this third and final video of our trilogy on AI in Recruitment it is time to focus on the practicalities: how to bring AI in recruitment from theory to practice? How to implement it? What do you need to account for? And how do you ensure that your recruitment can be sustainably enhanced through these new technological opportunities? Stay tuned till the end as our experts provide you with the one piece of advice that is essential to take into account from their area of expertise.

In this video, Özgür Çetiner and Sander Buijsrogge (Deloitte), Andrew Demetriou and Cynthia Liem (TU Delft), Rina Joosten (Seedlink), Luc Mutsaers (Dutch Labour Inspection) & Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius (Radboud University) share their expertise on bringing AI in recruitment into practice. 

This third video compliments our trilogy on AI in recruitment. In the first video our experts from business, academia, and the government discussed the basics of AI and how AI could add value to the recruitment function and organizations. By using the right AI technologies in recruitment successfully organizations not only improve efficiency and effectiveness in the end-to-end recruitment process, but also potentially reduce bias and discrimination. However, AI is not a ‘magical tool’ that will automatically lead to better outcomes, it is key to understand, and be aware of, bias in the data, processes, and technologies used. In the second video, our experts shined their light on the risk of bias and how to counteract it. 

You can find the links to previous videos below. The goal of this series is to provide the viewer with the clear answers to the three important questions:

What are the challenges of AI in recruitment?

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