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Professional legal M&A advice and a fully integrated approach

The Deloitte M&A Legal team consists of experienced legal professionals that provide full service legal advice in M&A transactions. The team is fully integrated with Corporate Finance and the broader Deloitte M&A Community which results in a one-stop approach for financial, tax and legal support in deals. This truly is a seamless service, saving the client time and costs by closely collaborating on relevant topics in all stages of a transaction.

Why Deloitte?

  • The M&A Legal team combines decades of experience and is able to assist on the full deal spectrum. For every type of deal in every sector, the team can offer the required expertise. The members of the M&A Legal team are trained in a multi-disciplinary setting and thus have a broad understanding of all the relevant aspects that play a part in M&A transactions.
  • The M&A Legal team is full service, meaning that all expertise areas are covered and the team handles the legal M&A support for all stages of the deal, including due diligence support and drafting and negotiating transaction documentation. As such, we advise on a variety of transactions such as (cross-border) sale and purchase transactions, setting up joint ventures, management participation plans, equity funding rounds and carve-out transactions.
  • Clients benefit from the one-stop approach and inherent efficiencies, by mandating Deloitte on both the financial and legal support needed in their dealmaking.
  • Because the legal and corporate finance teams are fully integrated, the legal team members participate in the various sector meetings and are knowledgeable on sector developments and deal trends.
  • Financial and legal advisers are aligned and able to act together and without obstacles that may occur in the event of multiple mandates for multiple advisers. In various stages of a deal, both expertise areas add value and by offering an integrated team, we ensure that this value is maximized.
  • Examples are: (i) an integrated financial and legal approach to a purchase price mechanism and closing mechanics, (ii) a comprehensive view on the buyer landscape, (iii) seamless cooperation in due diligence exercises with the other Deloitte service lines (financial, tax and ESG) and a coordinated translation of findings into transaction documentation, (iv) identification of possible bumps in the road at an early stage, ensuring a smooth ride throughout the transaction and (iv) full financial and legal support during negotiations on business issues.

Our integrated Corporate Finance and Legal Approach

Our integrated corporate finance and legal team is unique in the M&A market and offers strategic and financial advantages by providing a comprehensive, well-coordinated approach to M&A

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Working at Deloitte M&A Legal

What I enjoy most about working within the Deloitte M&A Legal team is the multi-disciplinary approach to dealmaking. It gives me professional satisfaction that I can see that Deloitte is able to help clients in all stages of their corporate transactions. 

Being close to our corporate finance colleagues improves our offering, not only in terms of client service but also by creating a broad view on deals and markets. I am part of the Business Services sector team and for a legal adviser it is incredibly interesting to be able to discuss industry trends. It helps me understand the specific topics that arise in deals in certain sectors. 

In deals, cooperation with my Deloitte colleagues in the various service lines is seamless in the sense that it does not require planning or any kind of effort. This furthermore provides different perspectives and insights to each transaction, equipping us to best support our clients when drafting and negotiating the legal transaction documentation. Our clients appreciate that we are able to operate as one team together with our colleagues from the other Deloitte M&A service lines. 

Thomas van der Velden, Manager Deloitte M&A Legal

Thomas van der Velden