Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting


Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

Bringing organizations together through mergers and acquisitions, or carving them out through separations and divestitures, are among the most complex business activities an organization will ever undertake. Deloitte is the only professional services firm that can advise strategic corporate buyers and private equity investors throughout the entire M&A deal life cycle. From conceiving strategy to selecting the right partner. From conducting thorough due diligence to closing the deal. From beginning to end, we align our services to address your transactions, integration, and separation needs, all with the goal of generating value for our clients.

M&A Strategy

Deloitte’s M&A Strategy practice can help you identify corporate and business unit objectives and determine whether those can be achieved through M&A. We analyze market opportunities, weigh different industry evolution scenarios, and identify potential acquisitions. As part of a larger business portfolio review, M&A strategy may also encompass divestiture strategies, whether an outright sale, initial public offering (IPO), or spin-off.


Transaction Readiness

Deloitte’s Transaction Readiness practice performs the preliminary due diligence essential to avoiding problems later on. This includes establishing key criteria for targets and buyers and facilitating selection. It is critical that the selected buyer is well-prepared to assume control of the divested business and integrate operations.


Transaction Diligence & Execution

Deloitte’s Transaction Diligence & Execution practice provides the necessary rigor at the critical time — performing valuations, conducting due diligence, assessing deal benefits, planning for integration, and streamlining deal closing.


Carve Out & Separation

Deloitte’s Carve Out & Separation practice focuses on meeting Day 1 requirements, positioning for stability after the separation occurs, and securing the strategic viability of the stand-alone company. In most divestitures, we continue to serve an organization following the closing date to ensure a full transition of operations and technology assets to the buyer or the stand-alone company. During this period, sellers may provide agreed-upon services under Transition Services Agreements (TSAs), which Deloitte may help structure , and they remove inefficiencies (e.g., stranded costs) from their operations.


Integration Strategy & Execution

Deloitte’s Integration Strategy & Execution practice help organizations define the pace and degree of integration that will take place once an acquisition or merger occurs. This includes deal success and measurement criteria, building a communication strategy into the integration plan, integrating and retaining key personnel, building tactical plans for the first 100 days, and transitioning into the post-merger environment. Post-Day 1 is the start of the new organization and begins the work of implementing the combined organization structure and work processes.


Other M&A related services

Insurance M&A outlook 2016: trends and drivers

A year of continuing exuberance

Those organizations that link business and M&A strategy, that understand and manage the drivers described in this report, and that focus on executing with excellence (especially during the integration phase), are more likely to reap the benefits of successful M&A.

Nederlands bedrijfsleven belooft €6 miljard aan M&A synergie

Tijdig en volledig realiseren van synergievoordelen topprioriteit

Strategische fusies en overnames in 2014 en 2015 hebben geresulteerd in toezeggingen van jaarlijks terugkerende kostenbesparingen en/of omzetsynergieën ter waarde van €6,1 miljard. De financiële belangen zijn groot voor aandeelhouders, toezichthouders en personeel. Het tijdig en volledig leveren van de beloofde synergieën zal nog een aantal jaren topprioriteit zijn voor de betrokken Nederlandse management teams.

Deloitte: verdere globalisering stuwt fusie- en overnamemarkt in 2016

Meer invloed van disruptieve technologieën op M&A verwacht

Deloitte verwacht dat het aantal transacties op de wereldwijde fusie- en overnamemarkt dit jaar verder gaat stijgen. Vooral het aantal grensoverschrijdende transacties neemt door de verder oprukkende globalisering van de economie toe. Dit blijkt onder andere uit de Deloitte M&A Index, waarin wordt gekeken naar de ontwikkelingen op de fusie- en overnamemarkt.

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