Value Creation Operations Services


Value Creation Operations Services

We support clients to make successful deals and to grow their business. We unlock valuable industry and company insights to validate the acquisition target’s investment thesis, understand its true value and potential performance, and identify topline growth opportunities.

Our key services

Our services provide you with deep insights into revenue and growth projections, industry dynamics and outlook, legislations and value creation opportunities required for making the right operational decisions.

1. Operational Due Diligence

Our Operational Due Diligence offering combines in-depth expertise in the field of operational structuring and performance improvement, thereby creating insight into operational risks, considerations and possible upsides of a transaction.

We are able to provide in-depth insight and implementation support into both pre-deal diligence and post-deal value creation.

2. ESG Due Diligence

A company’s ESG ambitions and performance are intrinsic to its economic value and prospects and should as such form a core part of the M&A process.Diligence over ESG considers a company’s readiness, performance, and financial exposure in relation to those environmental, social and governance topics considered relevant to its business and industry.

Our ESG due diligence team focuses on identifying and quantifying the ESG related risks and opportunities of a transaction and estimate their current and future financial impacts. We collaborate with our Deloitte network of experienced ESG specialists and support clients both on the buy and sell-side of transactions, as well as on IPOs.

3. Technology Due Diligence

We have a wide range of pre and post transaction core services as well as a strong and broad technology (IT) capabilities, enabling a tailored approach to support each individual client’s challenges, to help ensure that technology is a successful enabler for the transaction lifecycle.

We work with corporate as well as private equity investors, both on the buy and sell-side of transactions as well as on IPOs. We have a dedicated Technology Due Diligence team and bring in specific technical and industry experts for each transaction from our extensive Technology and Cyber Risk consulting businesses.

4. Carve-out and integration

Companies sometimes sell a business unit in order to refocus on their core business or to get rid of nonprofitable service or product lines. A separation of this division from the company as whole ("carve-out") is necessary. Deloitte carve-out and separation team assists with the preparation of operational, financial, tax and legal aspects. We bring carve-out expertise that supports the delivery of successful, value maximizing transactions.

The integration of two businesses is a very complex task which requires expertise in order to deliver planned benefits. Our specialists combine industry knowledge within integration experience to support in integration planning, diligence, delivery and synergy realization.

5. Performance improvement

Whatever the commercial context, it is rare to encounter an organisation that could not benefit from streamlined operations, reduced costs or increased sales. We apply a financial investor lens to performance improvement.

With a suite of proven and unrivalled techniques across Cash, Working Capital and Performance Improvement, we quickly identify, plan and implement a range of tailored initiatives to deliver tangible benefits across the entire value chain.

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Jasper de Grauw

Jasper de Grauw


Jasper begint in 1992 bij de Audit praktijk van PwC. In 1999 stapt hij over naar Transaction Services waar hij vanaf 2001 zich specialiseert in post merger integration en complexe ontvlechtingsvraagst... More

Don van Neuren

Don van Neuren


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