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Compliance Transformation

Towards more data-driven and automated Compliance risk management

Compliance Transformation is about genuinely driving financial institutions’ transition into demonstrably in-control and risk intelligent organizations by using data and technology. Greater maturity in this domain will contribute to more efficient and effective compliance processes, better risk insights, and improved quality at lower cost.

A continually changing compliance environment, increasing regulatory and societal expectations, and the rising cost of compliance require a more intelligent approach to compliance risk management. On one hand, Compliance functions are expected to meet ever-changing regulatory demands while on the other hand they are expected to reduce costs and manage regulatory risks as efficiently as possible.

In order to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, Compliance functions will need to become more effective and efficient by using a risk-based approach to compliance risk management and by making use of data driven technological innovations.

At Deloitte, we have developed a variety of solutions to further mature compliance risk management into a strategic advantage and make it more data and technology-driven. This approach results in a more effective, efficient, and demonstrable Compliance risk management that forms the basis for a successful mitigation of compliance riskswhere it is really necessary.

More specifically, we help organizations to become confident and in control about managing compliance risks. Some examples that contribute to this are real-time dashboarding of (operational) compliance data, including key risk indicators, intelligent control testing and monitoring, development of a more automated and strategic SIRA approach, and increasing the maturity of the Compliance function itself ready for the future.


Wytse Schukken

Wytse Schukken


Wytse is a manager within Deloitte Risk Advisory and is specialized in Regulatory Technology and Analytics. He has broad expertise in the regulatory compliance field with a focus on RegTech system imp... More