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Financial Health & Duty of Care

Integrate customers’ best interests in the DNA of your business

The role of financial institutions in improving the financial health of society has become increasingly instrumental. Our Financial Health & Duty of Care offering supports you in embedding fair treatment of customers and supporting their financial health throughout your organization. In the current financial services landscape, fair treatment of your customers is not only a regulatory demand, but also a message to society on the value you as a business place in creating long-term and responsible customer relationships.

Your challenge

Today’s society and regulators require financial institutions to take more social responsibility. This translates into a myriad of regulatory requirements and industry standards that pose a compliance challenge, but also an opportunity for businesses to assess their long-term duty of care and financial health strategy and commitments.

Since the introduction of Duty of Care legislation, its meaning and implications have remained elusive. Duty of Care requirements are often based on open norms which are constantly evolving in response to regulatory and societal demands. Consequently, it is increasingly considered insufficient to only comply with the minimal regulatory standards as financial institutions are expected to truly put the best interest of their customers, and by extension their financial health, at the core of their business.

Both the society and regulators expect you to formulate forward-looking views on Duty of Care & Financial Health, provide meaning to those views, and create a plan to integrate them in your business.

Your Trusted Advisor in Financial Health and Duty of Care

At Deloitte, we understand that Duty of Care and Financial Health issues rarely require a quick fix or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our support therefore is always tailored to your specific situation and challenge and covers a breadth of Financial Health and Duty of Care topics.

Some examples of our support include:

  • The set-up of a clear vision & strategy on Duty of Care and Financial Health, including target setting and measuring Duty of Care/Financial Health
  • Design and execution of an adequate and client centric Product Approval and Review Process (PARP)
  • Ensuring a product portfolio in line with the norms on Duty of Care and Financial Health
  • Developing customer centric new and innovative financial products
  • Providing support on Duty of Care due diligence
  • Extending the Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis with Duty of Care risk
  • Create the right customer centric culture through an inspiring and impactful Duty of Care training curriculum
  • Setting up a framework and approach to monitor vulnerable clients and take action where needed
  • New insights for a broader context of the Financial Health of Dutch Households based on extensive research
  • Developing regulatory response strategies and implementation plans for Duty of Care topics for e.g., to the Kifid rulings on variable interest in revolving credits


Wendy Brink – den Nieuwenboer

Wendy Brink – den Nieuwenboer


In 2018 I joined Deloitte as a Senior Manager in the regulatory risk practice. I have a broad experience in supervision and the financial markets. I have worked for the Dutch Authority for the Financi... More