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Digital Transformation and Innovation

We help FinTechs and clients in the Financial Sector to realize innovation in a regulatory environment

The Digital Transformation and Innovation team offers solutions to develop new products, business models and to enter new markets in a regulated environment. We offer tailor-made solutions in setting up regulatory strategies in all areas, such as innovation, market entry, acquisition of regulated target companies and development of new business models and new products.

Technology-enabled innovation in the financial sector is driving the emergence of new business models, applications, processes and products. A wave of technological innovation and new regulations (such as MiCAR, DORA, PSD2 and KYC) is leading to thinner boundaries between Tech and regular financial companies. The rapid development in this area has already had impact on financial markets and institutions and how financial services are provided. Challenges and opportunities in this field are met with our capabilities below in order to help our clients retaining the trust of their stakeholders and staying successful in the market by managing risk and looking beyond rules and regulations.

Strategize Risk

New areas for regulatory attention are gaining momentum in the financial services industry, including third-party relationships, BaaS, payments, BNPL, digital assets, sustainability, and many more. Financial institutions have to be aware of the new risks that are emerging but also keep an eye on the ever-changing regulatory environment. Our focus is to help you understand how the changing regulatory landscape impacts your strategy and what opportunities and threats are rising.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

The future of financial services largely lies in the ability to reach a “higher bottom line” and to do responsible business to sustain and grow. Our consultants have an innovative mindset and help you to transform and innovate business models and to enter new markets responsibly. We design your proposition together, ensure that the proposition meets the regulatory requirements and make sure to launch responsibly.

Responsible digital transformation will mean different things to different stakeholder groups—customers, employees and management, regulators, society, and shareholders. We help you to reach that “higher bottom line”.


Pieter van Doorn

Pieter van Doorn


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