Process X-ray

Analyze any business process and unlock vital organizational insights

Insights into operational processes and systems are crucial for intelligent enterprise decision-making. Discover new ways to understand risk, find insights and identify improvement opportunities with Process X-ray.

Process X-ray

Why Process X-ray?

Business perspective design
Built with Deloitte’s expertise, Process X-ray focusses on use by business people and creating value.

Strong platform structure
Work on a mature data platform that is secure, robust and contains a large set of standard process content.

Fast deployment
Process X-ray can be swiftly deployed so that there can be an immediate focus on business analysis.

Process mining as-a-service
We not only deliver software, but also expertise and skilled professionals to support achieving your desired business results.

What is Process X-ray?

Process X-ray in action

Process Health Scan

Get started with process mining as a service – With Process X-ray you can generate insights in process efficiency, harmonization, control and working capital. Together, we can discuss fact-based insights, determine the "health" of your process and provide report & data downloads for follow-up.

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SAP Extended Warehouse Management

Identify and eliminate warehouse inefficiencies - Process X-ray leverages SAP Extended Warehouse Management to deliver full insight in your actual warehouse processes, based 100% on the facts. This supports organizations that are faced with ever increasing demands for shorter delivery times.

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Process X-ray further information


Process X-ray is readily available as software as a service (SaaS). So you don’t need to install any software, but access it in the cloud on a subscription basis per process, for which you receive unlimited trace IDs. Depending on your needs you can also deploy it in your private cloud or deploy it in a hybrid model. Your own data analysts can analyze as much as they want.

The moment you choose Process X-ray we start the process of installing our proven extractors on your systems and fill the Microsoft Azure based data platform with your transactional data. You can start the analysis instantly and our wide range of specialists will help you obtain the insights you require.

Every process and system can be analyzed with Process X-ray. Accelerators are available for most major processes and systems to extract the data and run pre-defined analyses in days rather than months. Even data from custom processes and systems can be prepared for analysis in Process X-ray fast.

Any system

  • SAP S/4HANA, Ariba, Concur, ECC
  • Oracle
  • SalesForce
  • ServiceNow
  • And more..

Any process

  • Purchase to pay
  • Order to cash
  • Fixed assets
  • Service management
  • Master data workflows
  • Warehouse Management (EWM)
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Goods movement
  • Know your customer (KYC)
  • And more..

Get a birds-eye view of your process

Get your fingers around all the transactional data in your system, create links between different data sources and get a cohesive end-to-end picture of your system based business processes. This overview offers all kinds of powerful insights, for example how orders are distributed within each business unit.

Understand all variations

Zoom in on a single process and compare how it is designed to be done, how it is programmed in supporting technology, and how it is being executed in reality. Be prepared to discover more variations than you can imagine the process is running.

Zero in on root causes

Discover how work in your organization is actually done, insightfully presented in pre-programmed visualizations. Simply customize the settings, or compile your own analyses with the numerous filters and parameters available, and quickly identify issues, revealing the root causes of inefficiency.

Meaningful insights

Who has done what when? Get a complete picture of which activities were performed by who. With pivot-charts you can see per event how many times it was executed by a particular user. Get the indication of how automated a certain step is or whether an event execution is rework.


Internal audits

Using Process X-ray enables Data Driven Audits. Go from interviews and opinions to fact based discussions by looking at 100% of transactional data.

  • Focus on the highest risk areas
  • Fact-based discussion on the why and how to resolve the problems at hand
  • Identify system design flaws
  • Find high-risk manual workarounds

Financial audits

The more complete, the more accurate, the more reliable. Instead of working with opinions and samples Process X-ray uses solid data and provides insight into full reality. That really adds value to a financial audit.

This way, you can truly understand the reliability of each process, knowing all variations and tracking all money flows. You have full insight into how amounts have been established, whether they are booked correctly, and whether everything is accounted for. The knowledge that you don't overlook anything, gives you true peace of mind.

Process optimization

A thorough understanding of how work is actually done is of great value in achieving quality improvements, cost reductions or a more flexible operation. Once you truly understand your operation, you can lift the processes to higher standards, meeting the desired requirements. Process X-ray paves the road by offering a complete end-to-end overview on your operational processes and pinpointing chances for improvement. It keeps you focused at all times and ensures that actions taken contribute to achieving your goals.


Ease transitions to SAP S/4HANA significantly:

  • Before implementation, build a fact-based business case and get in-depth understanding of the correct degree of process standardization
  • During roll-out, identify areas for improvement and training to accelerate roll-out to your entire company
  • After implementation, identify bottlenecks & risks and demonstrate the realized value based on data-driven facts

Process X-ray is an advanced process mining platform extracting data from your IT system(s) creating a digital twin of your end-to-end process execution. It maps out all actions actually undertaken in your organization, and all connections with technology and people involved. As a result, you get a comprehensive picture of what is really happening throughout your organization.

Today, organizations are facing suddenly emerging and disappearing markets, growing global and local competition, and higher customer expectations. We all need to adapt, innovate and reorganize. The required transformation affects systems, ingrained operational processes and –difficult to understand behavior patterns. How do you get a grip on that? Data is the promised solution. But for many, this is also a problem in itself: the abundance of data just keeps growing. And how to use the data in the context of your business processes? It’s not so easy to derive game-changing insights from this complex mishmash.

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