Cooperation with Employees from Third Countries

Up-to-date information about Slovak labour and immigration legislation

Abolition of Territorial Jurisdiction 

The foreign police expanded their electronic services in December 2022 and a key change is the abolition of the territorial jurisdiction of foreign police departments for third-country nationals for certain services. Applicants are no longer required to apply for temporary, permanent or long-term residence, visas or invitation verifications at the foreign police department assigned for their place of residence. They can now make an application at any of the 13 departments of the Foreign Police of the Slovak Republic via the online reservation system. 

The online reservation system of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic was expanded to include other life situations of foreigners, such as applications for tolerated residence, invitation verification, visas, alternative authenticators, etc. This change does not apply to EU and European Economic Area citizens upon their registration. 


National Visa

Last year, the Government of the Slovak Republic introduced multiple new options for third-country citizens in the form of national visas. The goal is easier, faster and simplified relocation of foreigners in Slovakia, support for investments, attracting foreign talent and staffing of high-qualification jobs. 

Under a regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic from July 2022, third-country employees in Slovakia may be granted a national working visa. The conditions for the granting of the visa are an employment relationship and agreed wage of at least twice the average national wage for the calendar year two years prior to the calendar year in which the employee applies for a national visa. Relocated employees must be managers or experts with special knowledge, skills, abilities, capabilities, qualifications or experience necessary to operate or manage a company based in Slovakia. A national visa is granted for one year and may be extended. The advantage of such a visa is that family members of the relocated employee may apply for a similar type of visa and the administrative process is much simpler than applying for temporary residence. 

The Government also approved an amendment to the conditions for granting national visas to selected groups of nationals of selected countries who are employed in Slovakia as bus or truck drivers. The simplified administrative process for granting national visas in the interest of the Slovak Republic also applies to graduates of selected universities. Third-country nationals may also apply for a visa to seek employment in Slovakia.


New List of Shortage Occupations

The Slovak Republic has a number of occupations for which there is long-term insufficient demand from Slovak nationals. As of January 2023, employers may make use of fast-track employment of third-country foreigners in all districts in Slovakia, regardless of the unemployment rate. The Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family has published a new list of shortage occupations, which includes jobs in healthcare, IT and haulage. In addition, for the above occupations, the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family will issue a certificate to allow a vacancy to be filled without taking into consideration the situation on the labour market.

A labour market test will no longer be performed when a foreigner’s residence is extended. When foreigners apply for an extension of their temporary residence, employers no longer need to report a vacancy 20 days in advance. It is now sufficient to report the vacancy by the day of application for temporary residence. The advantage is that the employee will be able to work while their application is processed. The changes are intended to make it easier for employers to retain staff.

Extension of Temporary Protection 

Temporary refuge will continue to be granted in Slovakia until at least 4 March 2024. The reason is the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The tolerated stay document of persons valid until 4 March 2023 will be automatically extended without the obligation to undertake any further administrative acts. This document may be updated using the electronic services of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (eg if requested by the employer from the refugee). Temporary refuge status allows foreigners to work in the Slovak Republic, study at a secondary school or university and participate in compulsory education without the need for additional permits. It also guarantees healthcare, accommodation, entitlement to the minimum subsistence allowance and other financial benefits.

The contribution for accommodating refugees shall be extended till the end of 2023.

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