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So you’ve just come across The Green Room. We’re glad you’re here. We’re an award-winning podcast covering the topics that matter most in business – from technology and inclusion to climate and the future of work. 

Three years. Three hosts. Nearly 50 episodes. 100 fabulous guests, from CEOs and climate activists to technology leaders and top athletes. Hundreds of top reviews. 

But that’s enough information for now. Why not find out more yourself by listening to one of our episodes?

Here is a curated list of our most popular conversations for you to get stuck in. Welcome to The Green Room!     

Episode #5: Will I ever feel good enough for my job?

Is it normal to feel physically sick before a work presentation or important meeting? Unfortunately, for some of us, yes. But we’re not alone – even senior leaders admit to worrying about that ‘you’re not good enough’ tap on the shoulder. Our most popular episode ever will leave you inspired at how to get past the feeling – and just be you.

Episode #33: What’s the secret to performing at your best?

Peak performance is peak performance – on the shop floor, in the board room or on the race track. This conversation brings you some fantastic tips for achieving your best, thanks to four-time Olympic gold medallist Laura Kenny. Nothing unrealistic – no squats – just teamwork, balance, and time for thinking.

Episode #30: Are women rewriting the rules?

“I just can’t make this work” – senior leaders brought to an impasse balancing motherhood and work. But from politics to the boardroom, women are flipping the narrative that empathy and warmth equal weakness. This pod is about as candid as we can get about changing the script in – what used to be – a man’s world.

Episode #27: Is technology our planet’s best hope?

This is a hopeful conversation about tackling climate change through the innovations we already have, and the ones we are close to discovering. Full of optimism, a film producer and innovation expert join us to talk all things smart technology, climate documentaries and social media. Plus, this podcast will probably be the closest we’ll ever get to David Attenborough… 


Episode #24: What’s it like to be black in Britain today?

You don’t know there’s a glass ceiling until you bump your head. And you don’t know you need a better conversation about race until you have it. We love how honest this pod is about where we have been, how far we have come and how much further we need to go.

Episode #14: Why do we think about physical and mental health differently?

This is a taboo-breaking pod. The workplace remains the final hurdle for the mental health revolution. So, our guests explore our differing attitudes to our physical and mental health. Here’s a truly radical idea: what if we put employee health – both physical and mental – front and centre of any business priorities going forward?

Episode #17: Why aren’t we taught how to adult?

Tax forms. Mortgages. Pensions. Most of us have to deal with them at some point in our lives, but do we really understand them? We all know we’ll have to take control of our finances when we ‘grow up’, but we don’t always know where to start. How about starting with this podcast?

Episode #41: Where do you start when everything matters?

This is a pod about imagining better. Whether you’re an individual looking at reducing your footprint or a business committed to your new net zero plans, one thing is clear – we’ve got to take action, and we’ve got to take it now. This is a call to arms to innovate, create and inspire for the good of the planet. 

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