Artificial Intelligence in Government


Artificial Intelligence in Government 

Using cognitive technologies to redesign public sector work – A Global Perspective

Deloitte Centre for Government Insights has produced a range of insights, resources and materials covering how artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionise government and the challenges government agencies will face during the implementation process.

AI Augmented government - Using cognitive technologies to redesign public sector work

Cognitive technologies could eventually revolutionise every facet of government operations, from virtual desktop assistants to applications that can govern large shifting systems. Indeed, they are already having a profound impact on government work in some countries, with more dramatic effects to come.

It’s highly unusual for a business improvement to increase speed, enhance quality and reduce costs at the same time, but cognitive technologies offer that tantalising possibility.

Deloitte University’s new insight sets out how AI in government can help:

  • Reduce cost
  • Increase speed
  • Enhance reach
  • Focus more resources on frontline priorities
Artificial Intelligence in Government

How artificial intelligence could transform government

Can “smart” technology make government, well, smarter? It’s already happening: Through AI-based applications, developers are looking to transform the public sector by automating tasks and much more. But for optimal gain, public sector organisations agencies must make tough choices about where and how to introduce new technologies.

How much time and money can AI save government?

Farewell, paperwork? New cognitive applications could well mean government doing more with less—less work, that is, not necessarily fewer workers. Depending on the level of investment, AI technology could allow people to spend fewer hours on noncore tasks and more on client service and creative work.

Podcast: Artificial intelligence in government

What do government workers need more of? Time. And that’s exactly what artificial intelligence promises to offer. Our research suggests that cognitive technologies can help the Public Sector free up billions of labour hours per year, to be spent doing real work, not drudge work.

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Artifical Intelligence in Government


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