The modern-day citizen is exposed to enhanced digital experiences offered by private players in every shape and form. It is imperative for government leaders to up the digital government transformation game to not only woo citizens, but also the workforce that they desperately need to keep their digital government engine running. But what does it take to truly build a digital government? Investing in emerging technologies, certainly, but there’s more to digital government transformation than just that. While digital investments are accelerating, governments are in no way close to fulfilling their digital government dream. To be able to truly achieve digital government transformation, a strategic approach to building systems that are user-friendly, intuitive, contemporary, efficient, secure, and time- and cost-efficient is crucial. What can governments do to compete with private organizations in finding (and retaining) the talent to fuel their digital transformation journey? Which emerging technologies can give governments a bang for their buck? Is the digital government experience human-centric enough? What service delivery issues are hampering the digital government transformation progress? What changes should governments bring into their operating models? To unearth answers to these questions and more, explore our insights on how governments can uncover and capture the full value of technology and innovation to fully realize their digital government transformation goals.

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