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Welcome to Deloitte's research and insights reports—dedicated to helping chief information officers (CIOs) and technology executives address their most complex challenges. The bi-monthly CIO Insider series, as well as deeper dive reports, provide a mix of broad business insights, technical knowledge and fact-based research that can enable CIOs and their teams to lead the enterprise through rapid change.

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The future of work in technology

The future of work in technology, encompassing work, workforce, and workplace, is undergoing a transformation. How can technology and business leaders strategize, design, and collaborate to succeed in this journey?


Reimagining the role of technology

With technology driving transformation, long-term sustainable value will only be created by unifying business and technology strategies to cocreate exponential value for companies.


Beyond innovation by shotgun

​As technology transforms how business is done, innovation has become a strategic imperative. CIOs can play a leading role in driving and industrializing technology-led innovation.

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Cracking the code: How CIOs are redefining mentorship to advance diversity and inclusion

CIOs are increasingly turning to forms of mentorship to help attract, promote, and retain women in the workplace. An effective mentorship and sponsorship approach can also help CIOs eventually win the IT talent war.

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Technology and the boardroom: A CIO’s guide to engaging the board

Because technology is a crucial part of business strategy, boards and CIOs may need to elevate their engagement and collaboration with each other. How can CIOs lead and guide the conversation about technology's impact on business trajectory?

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Repairing the pipeline: Perspectives on diversity and inclusion in IT

Gender diversity and inclusion initiatives have taken center stage in IT organizations. But success in this area isn't consistent across all companies. What are IT teams doing right, and what can others do to ensure progress is being made?

This CIO Insider, the second in Deloitte's special edition series focused on executive women in IT, will review the status of diversity and inclusion initiatives (D&I) in IT based on data and insights from Deloitte's US CIO Program, share the success stories of CIOs who have broken ground in this area, and explore the latest trends including:

  • Goals, metrics, and accountability in diversity hiring
  • Inclusive cultures that encourage different ways of thinking and working
  • Career development opportunities
  • How to engage all groups inequality discussions
  • Leading practices from industry leaders

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Who’s the boss? Trends in CIO reporting structure

With the unprecedented pace of technological change, it’s critical for CIOs to move quickly with unwavering support at all levels of the organization.

As CIOs contemplate the organizational structure and how to make the most of their relationship with business leaders, they can consider these key takeaways:

  • CIOs can be strategic regardless of reporting line
  • Aligning mission and brand with business strategy can foster consistency
  • Business acumen can bring credibility
  • Relationship-building can help CIOs be more strategic
  • The proof is in the IT delivery pudding
  • CEO reporting is mandatory in many situations

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Smashing IT’s glass ceiling: Perspectives from leading women CIOs

Despite diversity being high on the agenda of businesses, not enough women occupy seats in the C-suite. The same is broadly true in technology, but women are slowly moving up the ranks, bringing with them a unique blend of leadership skills. In this special edition of CIO Insider, we explore perspectives from leading women CIOs on essential leadership qualities and what it takes to build an inclusive culture.

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Technology budgets: From value preservation to value creation

Technology permeates every business function and has the potential to impact all aspects of the business. Yet, technology investments vary significantly across, and sometimes within, industries. How can CIOs effectively utilize technology budgets to drive value creation?

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