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We believe in working alongside our government clients. We believe in being part of your mission, not detached from it. We’re in the trenches with you, we share your passion, and we’re just as invested in mission success as you are.

Some public sector challenges can’t be solved overnight, or with a straight-forward solution. Wicked problems require something more.

Our Center for Government Insights produces groundbreaking research to help government solve its most complex problems. Through publications, forums, and immersive workshops, we engage with public officials on a journey of positive transformation, crystallizing insights to help them understand trends, overcome constraints, and expand the limits of what is possible.

Armed with the right data, analysis, and research, we’re here to help solve your toughest challenges with you.

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Our collection of insights

The Center for Government Insights provides a forum for innovation, groundbreaking research, and industry collaboration to help governments solve their most complex challenges. We invite you to explore some of our forward looking insights to help you address the changing landscape of government.

Artificial intelligence in government

How advanced analytics can find outdated federal regulations

Understanding presidential orders on regulation reform

Federal agency leaders can feel frustrated by the massive task of regulatory reform. When you consider that there are hundreds of thousands of sections of the Code of Federal Regulations, it would likely be no surprise if regulatory reform feels a bit daunting. How should government leaders go about sifting through them? Even after finding candidate regulations for reform, how should leaders make sense of which ones to keep and which to change? Some regulations are necessary and fundamentally valuable while others cause unnecessary burden.

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Silver sphere

AI-augmented health services

The same artificial intelligence-based technologies we've come to rely on in our personal lives can now be put to work in human services, helping agencies to cut costs, free up millions of labor hours for more critical tasks, and deliver better, faster services.

In this article, we examine how the same artificial intelligence-based technologies we’ve come to rely on in our personal lives can be put to work in human services. We also survey how government entities are using these technologies across the full life cycle of a human services case. Using the first-ever quantitative forecast of how AI will reshape government work, we outline the potential time and cost savings human services agencies can achieve from investing in AI-based technologies over the next five-seven years.

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William D. Eggers

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Dan Helfrich

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