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Global mobile consumer survey: US edition

A new era in mobile continues

Once again, smartphones are at the center of the connected universe. Our survey revealed that consumer habits—from smartphone and smartwatch adoption and increased use of digital voice assistants to demand for data and anticipation for 5G—continue to dictate telecommunications trends.

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A day in the life of a smartphone

Mobile trends at a glance

The Global mobile consumer survey marks the eighth-consecutive year that Deloitte has assessed and analyzed consumer attitudes about mobile technology. It confirms the central role smartphones continue to play in the connected ecosystem, while other devices face an inflection point.

According to the survey results, consumers’ data privacy concerns continue to grow along with their data needs as unlimited data plan subscriptions increase. On the Internet of Things (IoT) front, perceived value of connected home and car capabilities are growing but willingness to pay has not caught up. With 5G services scheduled to begin mass deployments in 2019, anticipation is building among consumers.

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Smartphones take center stage—again

  • Smartphones easily remained the most favored mobile device among US consumers, growing 3 percent and reaching 85 percent penetration overall.
  • Smartphone growth was strongest among older age groups at over 10 percent, reflecting already strong adoption among younger generations.
  • Americans are viewing their smartphones more often than ever before, on average 52 times per day.
  • Smartphones are the preferred mobile device for most of the online activities.
  • More than a third of adults report using their smartphones “very/fairly often” for business purposes outside normal working hours. Fifty-nine percent use their personal smartphone during normal working hours “very/fairly often.”

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Maturing mobile behaviors affect tablets, wearables, mPayments

  • Tablets had the largest year-over-year decline in market penetration, decreasing 5 percent, from 62 percent to 57 percent, penetration overall.
  • Among wearables, only smartwatches increased market penetration over the past year, increasing 1 percent and reaching 14 percent overall.
  • Over 80 percent of consumers are concerned about sharing, use, and storage of personal data. 
  • Only 31 percent of consumers used mobile in-store payments (mPayments) in 2018 with security concerns and lack of perceived benefits cited as the top two reasons for non-users.

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Voice assistants, 5G represent top opportunities in coming year

  • Smartphone voice assistants remain very popular with 64 percent of consumers using them compared to 53 percent in 2017. 
  • Voice-assisted speaker penetration nearly doubled year over year, reaching 20 percent penetration. 
  • Interest in 5G rose across all age groups over the past year reaching 60 percent for consumers overall. 
  • Consumers are interested in IoT for the car and home but reluctant to pay for it. Over half of the respondents said that wouldn’t be willing to pay for connected car services at all.

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Get the more in-depth edition of the Global mobile consumer survey report

For those who want to dive deeper into this year’s survey results, the in-depth report provides additional insights and data.

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