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Tech Trends 2019: Beyond the digital frontier

Ten years of insights

Deloitte’s 10th annual Tech Trends report identifies those trends that are likely to disrupt businesses in the next 18-24 months, including advanced networking, intelligent interfaces, NoOps in a serverless world, and more. Special to this year’s tenth edition: Tech Trends reflects on a decade of disruptive change and demystifies the future of digital transformation.

Newly released: Top trends to help map your digital future

Our tenth annual Tech Trends report analyzes the top trends impacting decision makers in the coming year. Starting with a reflection on the last decade, we detail the disruption driven by nine macro forces.

As we look ahead, the report explores how 2019 technology trends are giving rise to new operating models, redefining the nature of work, and dramatically changing IT’s relationship with the business.

We wrap up the report by examining how these trends are driving ever-greater disruption and opportunity.

Perspectives of Tech Trends 2019 across industries

Searching for industry-specific insights and perspectives on the hottest technology trends? Look no further. Explore the technology innovations that are shaping strategic and operational transformation through an industry lens.

Power and utilities

How does an industry that’s synonymous with reliability embrace disruption? For power and utilities companies, the pace of technology change brings a nonstop stream of questions, challenges, and opportunities. Examine the Tech Trends 2019 macro forces and technology trends influencing the power and utilities industry.

Government and public services

Government agencies share a commitment to mission-driven service, but how they invest in and use technology to advance this commitment can vary widely. Explore real-world examples and sector-specific examinations of how new technology capabilities are playing out across the government and public services sphere.

Retail and consumer products

Retail and consumer products companies are focused on creating fresh experiences for a new and dynamic generation of consumers. But evolving technologies place pressure on leaders to understand trends—and get ahead of them. Discover how technology is helping retail and consumer products organizations stay flexible and thrive amid constant change.

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