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July 30
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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2015 proxy season highlights and other corporate governance developments

Recent regulatory developments and the expectation of future governance-related legislation have boards and financial executives seeking insights into leading trends and practices. What impact did recent regulatory changes have on the 2015 proxy season and what do current governance trends look like? Learn about this season's governance trends and the potential implications for your organization.

August 27
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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When risk drives performance: Leveraging the extended enterprise for operational excellence

Executives are aware that each third-party relationship in your extended enterprise ecosystem has the power to affect shareholder value, negatively or positively—and often exponentially in relation to the third party's size and type of service provided. While many companies focus on protecting against downside losses, what can your organization do to also reap upside benefits? Learn how proactive management of third-party risks across the extended enterprise can positively impact operational performance.

September 24
2:00 PM ET | 18:00 GMT
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Testing and monitoring in ethics and compliance programs

Critical to the success of any organization's efforts in managing risk is a robust testing and monitoring program to help assure the control environment is effective. What should organizations consider when establishing an effective testing and monitoring program as part of the ethics and compliance program? Learn more about the impact of testing and monitoring when building an exceptional compliance program.

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