Community Changemaker Awards: Igniting meaningful change in our communities

At the heart of our Purpose lies our unwavering commitment to building a better future in which our country and communities can thrive.

Driving Deloitte’s community initiatives with their unique skills, passions, and perspectives, our inspiring 2024 Community Changemakers exemplify our Purpose and Shared Values.

Meet our National Community Changemakers

Outstanding Community Leader

Roberta Nouari (she/her)

Known for her unyielding commitment to service, Roberta’s journey exemplifies outstanding community leadership. A volunteer since 2009, she has held numerous roles, including board and governance positions, and is always focused on understanding the needs of those she serves. Through Deloitte’s pro-bono Community Advisory Projects (CAP) program and dedicated day of volunteering, Impact Day, she helps organizations to build the capacity to meet those needs. Roberta’s efforts have resulted in strengthened resilience and enhanced resources for many groups, including the Adoptive Families Association, Hives for Humanity, and Dan’s Legacy.

Living my belief that a compassionate and motivated community can move mountains, I’ve always sought ways to contribute.

Social Innovator

Jacqueline Hunter (she/her)

Recognized for her innovative leadership and dedication to promoting sustainability at Deloitte, Jacqueline co-leads our Green Champions Network, a grassroots community committed to advancing eco-friendly practices within and beyond Deloitte. Her approach to creating event toolkits has simplified the regional implementation of sustainability initiatives such as Earth Month and vegan challenge activities across the country. As a co-lead and past regional representative for the Prairies, she helps cultivate a culture of environmental consciousness within Deloitte and engages regional representatives to collaborate for deeper, measurable impacts. By broadening the program’s reach and boosting the power of its sustainability initiatives, Jacqueline’s solutions are helping to build a more sustainable future for all.

When you do something with passion, it is so easy to make a difference and the motivation just flows.

Emerging Community Leader

Carlee Olsen (she/her)

Committed to inspiring a global and dynamic economy, Carlee is a lead advisor for Deloitte’s Junior Achievement (JA) Company Program. Her dedication to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs earned her JA Central Ontario’s Advisor of the Year award in 2022. Through her mentorship, program development, and effective communication with various parties at Deloitte, she has not only enhanced the JA program but also inspired and empowered the students to effect positive change in their own communities. Carlee’s efforts are aligned with our WorldClass strategy, which aims to impact two million lives in Canada and Chile by increasing access to education and skills development opportunities.

I strive to cultivate entrepreneurship, which is not just about business creation, but also problem-solving, team-building, and innovation.

Meet our Regional Community Changemakers

maati lahroussi profile image

Ontario: Maati Lahroussi (he/him)

Investing in the development of students is key—today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders.

Maati’s impact reaches aspiring leaders through the Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Leaders initiative at Deloitte, which he launched in 2017. So far, this event has enriched more than 500 university students by providing career insights and guidance. His dedication to diversity and representation is evident in the event’s structure, which showcases leaders and professionals from diverse backgrounds, inspiring students to envision themselves in similar roles. By involving Deloitte professionals from various levels and industries, the event’s impact is amplified, providing students with a comprehensive, diverse, and inclusive learning and networking experiences to kick-start their careers. Maati’s work on this initiative is helping to effectively propel Deloitte’s WorldClass commitments forward.

abigail rae profile image

Atlantic: Abigail Rae (she/her)

Fostering an environment where everyone feels connected, respected, and heard is essential to the fabric of our organization.

Currently acting as chair of Deloitte’s Atlantic Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) committee, Abigail strives to foster and amplify a sense of belonging and connection in the region through an array of projects. She works to create safe spaces for practitioners across service lines to share their concerns and to help address those concerns while respecting anonymity. In alignment with our WorldImpact DEI pillar, Abigail’s contributions are shaping Deloitte into a safer, more inclusive environment for everyone.

anjali mishra profile image

Quebec-NCR: Anjali Mishra (she/her)

Change is not made in the abstract but through relationships—for me, over shared meals, finding resources together, and spontaneous dance parties.

As a dedicated volunteer at Matthew House Ottawa, a non-profit that supports refugee claimants, Anjali formed deep relationships and offered settlement support. Further extending her impact, she utilizes her professional skills through Deloitte’s CAP program, as part of the NCR CAP leadership team. She delivered a pro-bono project for Brave Beginnings, a charity that helps survivors of intimate partner violence, to facilitate the organization’s growth planning and funding acquisition.

ebony clark profile image

British Columbia: Ebony Clark (she/her)

I believe that telling our stories, first to ourselves and then to one another and the world, is a revolutionary act.

As a co-leader of the Pride employee resource group (ERG) in British Columbia, Ebony plays a critical role in building a thriving community. Her important work includes advocating for DEI-related employee benefits, organizing impactful DEI events in the mining sector, and leading a CAP initiative for a domestic violence organization. Through these efforts, Ebony is creating a safer, more inclusive environment for our 2SLGBTQIA+ colleagues and establishing a community of allies, in alignment with Deloitte’s DEI commitments to build a safe and inclusive place for everyone.

julie otieno profile image

Prairies: Julie Otieno (she/her)

I found my space where I can channel my energy toward creating a positive impact and bringing meaningful change in our community.

A transformative leader who has revitalized Deloitte’s CAP work in Alberta, Julie has spearheaded three projects and advanced various initiatives this past year. Working with local non-profit organizations, she has been instrumental in driving positive social change by enabling them to solve challenges, operate more effectively, and generate more value for their communities. Through these projects and initiatives, Julie is directly benefiting low-income and underserved communities and supporting the advancement of education and skills development opportunities.

By using the transformative power of volunteering, our Community Changemakers serve as examples of the meaningful impact that our Purpose-led collaborations can have. Their inspirational and beneficial efforts contribute to building a better future in which everyone can thrive.

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