Improve the overall value finance brings to your organization. Better prepare for the inevitable changes and growing demands of the future. Leveraging our team of professionals also helps you refine your strategy and vision as well as enable changes to your functions, processes and systems.

Today’s finance teams are working in an environment in which the landscape is constantly shifting and stakeholder scrutiny and demands seem to be ever increasing. 

Deloitte’s Finance Assurance provides practical insights and advice to enhance capacity, capabilities, and performance. We advise our clients on finance function modernization, through the assessment and enhancement of finance strategy, talent, processes, and technology. In short, we help finance be better at executing its mandate for stakeholders.

Access a full range of global experience to help you:

  • Optimize use of information to drive insights
  • Assess and enhance budgeting, planning and forecasting capabilities
  • Develop key performance objectives and indicators
  • Provide visualization of key financial metrics and indicators
  • Design and build dashboards
  • Advise in the implementation of insight and analysis tools
  • Improve data quality and consistency
Enhance and build alignment on finance vision and strategy
  • Develop finance strategy and vision
  • Develop the CFO effectiveness plan/execution strategy
  • Develop the next generation of finance leaders
  • Provide project management expertise
Optimize systems and technology infrastructure
  • Align finance requirements with systems capabilities
  • Assess Information Technology capabilities
  • Assess functional and technical system requirements
  • Develop vendor criteria to accelerate the system selection process
  • Advise in systems implementation (ERP, budgeting, planning, forecasting, consolidation, etc.)
Enhance capabilities, capacity and performance to improve finance effectiveness
  • Assess the holistic finance operating model (FOM)
  • Evaluate finance organization structure
  • Assess financial close, consolidation, and reporting capabilities
  • Perform stakeholder needs assessment
  • Review, document and enhance processes and controls
  • Provide temporary loan staff to address capability or capacity constraints


Modernizing finance in private companies
Preparing finance for disruption

Key Contacts

Mike Goodfellow

Mike Goodfellow

Partner and Regional Market Leader, Audit & Assurance

Mike is Ontario’s regional market leader for Audit & Assurance. He has over 20 years of experience in a variety of small to large market companies that span numerous industries, including organization... More