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What is a future-ready workforce?

Technology solutions alone can’t prepare companies for this new era of rapid, unpredictable change. To respond, adapt, and thrive in this ever-changing environment, companies need employees who can flex, stretch, and evolve to meet the challenges we can’t yet imagine. Companies need to build a future-ready workforce—by rethinking work itself and the ways in which they prepare their workers to be successful, both today and tomorrow.

How we work will never be the same again. Continually upgrading skills and capabilities, while also creating a culture of lifelong learning that is embedded into the flow of work and life itself will be essential.


75% of organizations expect to source new skills and capabilities by reskilling current workforce.

According to the WEF, more than a billion people will need to be reskilled by 2030.


In this new report, we explore a four-part framework developed to help organizations overcome the obstacles they face in building a future-ready workforce, today.

Deploy workforce planning and analytics to rethink and rearchitect work more broadly

Use workforce planning and analytics to identify the internal and external factors that will affect an organization’s business and workforce in the years to come. 

Dig deeper by identifying and assessing future skills and capabilities

Define targeted strategies to best address skills and capabilities gaps.

Respond to constant change by modernizing the learning strategy

Modernize the learning strategy in a way that’s relevant and in a context that make sense for each person within the organization.

Place learning in the flow of work

Place learning into the flow of work to enable workers to acquire the skills they need when they need them—and develop the capabilities they’ll need to continue to grow and adapt throughout their careers.


Is your workforce future-ready?

Is your workforce future-ready?

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