Well-being and resilience in senior leaders

A playbook for action

Organizational leaders in Canada are stressed, strained, and burnt out. And that was before the pandemic. Our most recent study uncovered that 82% of senior leaders were experiencing exhaustion. 50% have also contemplated exiting their roles, resigning, retiring, taking a leave of absence, or moving to part-time work.

What can boards and executive teams do to improve well-being, retain senior leaders, and ensure they prosper through the inevitable challenges ahead?

Our recommendations cover four key areas of focus:

  • Reducing stigma regarding mental health by demystifying and normalizing dialogue
  • Strengthening peer relationships and create community, support, and collaboration
  • Enhancing organization mental and well-being support
  • Rethinking work to enable leaders to work effectively and efficiently
Well-being and resilience in senior leaders: A playbook for action
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